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Minister of Culture: Matthew McConaughey Shows Love of Sports in Fireside Chat

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Hollywood megastar Matthew McConaughey is a lover of all things sports as evidenced by his new position.

Matthew McConaughey took on the role of “Minister of Culture” for the Austin FC soccer team which the actor co-owns. His duties in the new role are to fire the home team crowd and give pep talks whenever called upon. He is well-adept at both and combines his love of sports with his trademark enthusiasm. Matthew McConaughey is also a huge supporter of the University of Texas sports programs. You can sometimes find him on the sidelines as the Texas Longhorn football team battles their opponent. He’s also known to pop at other University of Texas sporting events as well. The “Dallas Buyers Club” star recently sat down with University of Texas men’s basketball coach Chris Beard to discuss Longhorn Sports.

In this “fireside chat,” the two men celebrate the end of an era with the final game in the Frank Erwin Center. It is easy to tell that both Matthew McConaughey and Chris Beard are fired up for the future of Longhorn sports. The chat appears on the University of Texas Basketball social media page.

“Time for another Fireside Chat,” the Twitter post says. “As the final game in the historic Frank Erwin center is upon us, you know we had to get on the roof with none other than the Minister of Culture himself, Matthew McConaughey.”

The two men are actually sitting atop the Frank Erwin Center as they chat.

Matthew McConaughey Talks About ‘Minister of Culture’ Role

It would be hard to find anyone in the entertainment industry more devoted to their sports fandom than Matthew McConaughey. Check out this clip of the Hollywood superstar revving up the Austin FC soccer fans.

Decked in his all-grenn suit, the actor bangs on the drum while the audience chants in support of their team. In addition to co-owning the team, Matthew McConaughey is Austin FC’s Minister of Culture. What exactly does that mean?

“For a team that’s going to be representing the city of Austin, I need to be there as someone who knows Austin really well, that the two are mirror images of each other,” Matthew McConaughey. “The team, the product we put on the pitch and the fan experience in that stadium. My goal, as minister of culture, is to try to align (the two). When you take a snapshot above Q2 Stadium on any given night that we play, you should be able to see in the crowd the diversity, creative colors and vibrancy of Austin, Texas.”