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Miranda Lambert, Elle King Give Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse of ‘Drunk (And I Don’t Want to Go Home)’ Video

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

What happens when two best friends play two best friends in a music video? You get “Drunk (And I Don’t Want to Go Home” by Miranda Lambert and Elle King.

The two powerhouse performers recently announced their new song with several photos of themselves dressed in 80s wedding outfits. Elle King wore a puffy-sleeved, hi-low wedding dress. While Miranda Lambert rocked a metallic pink, bodycon bridesmaid dress. During the music video, the two get drunk and cause some mischief during Elle’s wedding. During a behind-the-scenes look into the filming of the music video, Miranda and Elle shared how they became friends.

“We are new friends. But we feel like old friends. We bonded over actual life on tour and hanging out together and hanging out partying and singing on stage together,” said Miranda. “And this song just feels like a natural transition.”

“Yea, what she said,” says King with a smile.

But the two weren’t best friends immediately. It took a minute for Elle to wipe the stars from her eyes when she first met Miranda.

“We met because Miranda scared the crap out of me by coming to a show,” said Elle. “And I was very very star struck. And all I wanted was for her to think I was cool. I thought you liked me and you were always nice to me whenever you saw me.”

Elle then said that it was after the All-Girls Tour with Miranda that she really fell in love with her new friend.

“Then the All-Girls Tour came up. And it was such a wonderful way to showcase female talent…and really showcase people you respect and you like working with and to really give power back to women and I respect her to no end,” said King.

The video then shows a behind the scenes clip from their music video for “Drunk (And I Don’t Want To Go Home).

Both Miranda Lambert And Elle King Are Newlyweds

Both Miranda and Elle agreed that “Drunk (And I Don’t Want To Go Home)” was the most fun music video they’ve filmed.

“Music videos can be really tense and they can kind of be really stiff,” said Elle. “It can be a lot of pressure on ‘What do I look like? How do I give my best performance?’ So the idea of a fun music video for a fun song that I get to do with my friend – this is probably the most fun music video I’ve ever done.”

“Yea,” agreed Miranda. “It’s easy and it’s been great. It’s also a lot less pressure when you get to perform with someone who is fun and loves what they do. And we haven’t been on stage for a really long time. So this was like a pretend concert. We both got to jump around and wear glitter,” said Miranda with a laugh.

“The fact that it does coincide with my soon-to-be wedding, and Miranda is a newlywed, so love is in the air,” said Elle.

Miranda Lambert was even Elle King’s maid of honor! Well, at least for the music video.

“And I actually held her dress and took her shoes off like a maid of honor,” said Miranda.

“Honestly, she was my maid of honor, today,” said Elle pointing to Miranda.