Mission Accomplished: Michael Strahan Blue Origin Space Flight Returns to Earth

by Maggie Schneider

“GMA” host Michael Strahan and his team are back on Earth after a “flawless flight.” You can watch the full Blue Origin mission now.

Michael Strahan is making history as the first American news anchor to leave Earth. The liftoff occurred this morning at 10:01 a.m. EST. After a safe and surreal 11-minute flight into space, the spacecraft landed back on Earth at 10:12. a.m. EST. The entire event was live-streamed on YouTube, and is now available for viewers to rewatch.

This dream come true for Strahan and his team was made possible by Jeff Bezos’ “Blue Origin,” a company allowing ticket-holders to safely experience space travel. This flight marks the company’s third human spaceflight, all of which have been successful.

Michael Strahan documented his training for the big event all over social media. The 11-minute flight required Strahan and his team to learn the safety protocols and enter space simulators a week before liftoff. The “GMA” host trained for 9 hours a day for the mission. It looks like this time paid off, making his team feel comfortable during the big event.

While fans are waiting for more updates, Good Morning America shares Michael Strahan’s first reactions.

“It’s unreal…I want to go back!”

Blue Origin NS-19 Mission Details

The replay shows Strahan’s face looking out the spacecraft’s window seconds before liftoff. I notice myself holding my breath as the rocket shoots upwards into the sky. At 10:05, after a successful liftoff, viewers hear the team in awe over their view. Excited comments like “Check this out!” are surreal to listen to on the stream. At 10:12 a.m., viewers see the spacecraft descend to Earth under multiple protective parachutes. It is a safe landing that makes us believe that anything is possible.

Michael Strahan shares the historic moment with five other deserving passengers. Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of astronaut Alan Shepard, is a part of the mission. Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rockets are also named after her father. Space philanthropist Dylan Taylor, inventor Evan Dick, and mother-daughter pair Lane and Cameron Bess are also members of the team.

Strahan was thrilled to share his journey with such an inspiring team. He gives Laura Shepard Churchley a shoutout on his Instagram.

“Alan Shepherd is the first American to travel to space and the namesake of New Shepherd,” he writes. His daughter Laura Shepard Churchley is with me on this adventure! Pretty SURREAL!”

Fans are excited to hear more of the team’s reactions and thoughts after traveling to space. We hope Michael Strahan gives an in-depth interview on Good Morning America about it.