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‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Rescues Woman Who Fainted During Hike

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, a woman from New Jersey was reportedly rescued from former Modern Family star Julie Bowen after she passed out during a hike in Utah’s Arches National Park. 

Minnie John, the New Jersey woman, shares in a Facebook post that she felt like she was going to faint and decided to sit on a rock while her husband and son continued the hiking trip.

“I made it to the top but could not go any further.  I was light-headed, felt like I was going to faint so I sat down on the rock you see me sitting here,” John explains. She also says she wouldn’t have forgiven herself if the group had to go back down without seeing the upcoming sites after coming so far.

Minnie then recalls that all she remembers was sitting there with her head in her hands secured on the rock when she heard someone with a familiar voice who kept asking her questions. 

“I wondered if I might be watching TV,” Minnie says. “My eyes were closed and they said I will be fine and they were cleaning my face and bandaging me up. I heard a familiar voice saying I am going to be ok. A doctor is cleaning me up.” 

Julie Bowen Comes to the Rescue After Watching New Jersey Woman Pass Out

John actually ends up passing out and hitting her nose on a rock. Julie Bowen, along with her sister who is also a doctor, came to the woman’s rescue after they saw her fall. They provided the woman with electrolytes, pretzels, and first aid. 

While Julie Bowen’s sister, Annie, was taking care of her, Minnie says she asked the actress if she knew her or if was she famous. Annie replied yes. “Her sister the doctor asked me to guess and I told her I just hit my head, I can’t remember.  She said smiling ‘Modern Family’ and I said of course!  I told her she was so beautiful.”

Julie Bowen and her sister helped Minnie get in touch with her husband and luckily, there weren’t any major injuries. “My glasses broke my fall flat down, hitting my head on the flat rock breaking my skin on various areas near my nose,” Johns further explains.

Luckily, the sisters had everything to clean the wounds and set Minne up. She thanked those who helped her during the ordeal, as well as God. “God is with you every moment in your life.  He knows your inner desires and however, you choose your movements. He never leaves you!  The guide who was with the two famous sisters saw me fall forward.  At the right time with no delay, He sent the doctor and helpers.”

Minnie then adds that she’s doing just fine.