‘Mom’ Series Finale Photos Surface: Which Characters Are Tying the Knot?

by Emily Morgan

The beloved CBS sitcom, “Mom,” ended its run after eight seasons Thursday with an episode that had fans tearing up during several heartwarming moments. Although the show typically gave viewers plenty of comedic punches, the final episode gave viewers one last look at the bonded sisterhood. 

Although the show was closing shop, fans also got to see some happy news: a wedding. In the finale, fans witnessed Jill and Andy take a big step in their relationship as they walk down the aisle. However, a health scare also surrounded the plot for Thursday’s episode. 

Despite this, fans got to see the women — whose friendship grew as they sought recovery — there for each other. The final episode was a look into how they transitioned from friends to family. 

Later in the episode, a sixth member of the group – Bonnie’s daughter Christy – was briefly mentioned. However, Anna Faris, who played Christy and left last spring, did not appear in the finale

When Shannon, a new member of the group, was getting to know the women, Bonnie gave an update about Christy. “We’re both sober, and we love each other,” Bonnie said. “She moved, but my point is my point.”

Tammy, Wendy, and Marjorie gather one final time right after Jill and Andy give their vows to cap the episode.

‘Mom’ Finale Has Characters & Fans Tearing up

In her final speech to the group, Bonnie gets visibly emotional while reflecting on her progress in the last eight years. “I kind of love me,” she tearfully noted. “I love my husband, my daughter, my friends, my grandkids.”

For the goodbye message at the end, co-creator Chuck Lorre wrote, “For one hundred and seventy episodes, we wrapped jokes around hope. On behalf of everyone involved in the making of ‘Mom,’ thank you for watching.”

Back in September 2020, CBS announced that Anna Farris would be leaving the show before season eight. At the time, Farris released a statement. “The past seven years on ‘Mom’ have been some of the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career.”

When the show returned in November, the characters revealed that Christy had left for law school, and Bonnie was finding it hard to be on her own again. During an appearance on “The Late Late Show,” Allison Janney admitted that the sitcom was ending sooner than she had hoped.

“I wish that we’d had at least another year for the writers to have that much time to ramp up to the ending,” she confessed. “We sort of found out sooner than we thought we would. We thought, ‘Surely, they’re going to want more ‘Mom.’ And they decided not.”