‘Mom’ Series Finale Storyline Details Revealed

by Madison Miller

In March, fans of the popular sitcom “Mom” found out that after eight seasons and 10 Emmy nominations, the show would come to an end.

This meant that dedicated viewers would have to say goodbye to Allison Janney, Mimi Kennedy, Jaime Pressly, Beth Hall, and William Fichtner, amongst the rest of the heartwarming and hilarious cast. Anna Faris left the show at the beginning of the eighth season.

In an earlier interview with James Corden on the “Late Late Show,” Janney talked about just how abrupt the cancellation was for the entire cast.

“I’m sad. I wish we’d had at least another year for the writers to have that much time to ramp up to the ending,” she said.

The show is close to Janney’s heart. In addition to playing her character for years, she also had a brother die from addiction 10 years ago. The show has had an impact on those going through recovery and Janney is having a hard time letting it go.

“I hate change. It makes me … I get afraid – I always have – to let something go and not know what’s next. I think the biggest thing I need to learn how to say is no,” she said on “CBS Sunday Morning,” according to People.

The ‘Mom’ Finale Is This Thursday

Although she wished that the finale had more time to develop, the show is coming to an end this week. Some of the plot lines for the finale have recently been revealed. You can watch the finale on May 13 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Since Anna Faris departed the show, writers have had to reevaluate what message “Mom” was really trying to send. During this most recent season, the relationship between the women of the show in the support group was the driving force. Each woman had her own struggle with addiction and different hardships.

The show, while comedic in nature, has extremely dark elements scattered throughout. It’s a more realistic and grounded testament to life. For example, in season three, Emily Osment is a guest star on the show. She plays Jodi, a young woman Christy is sponsoring. She ends up overdosing in the episode. Drug and alcohol abuse are common themes. However, the show also mentioned other dark topics like cancer and death.

Vague Plot Structure

According to Variety, writers are going into the very last episode trying to hold the theme of “hope and redemption” very close. It is a common thread that has connected all the episodes, no matter the stars, guest stars, or plot lines. Writers found out about the cancellation when there were only five episodes left to complete.

The finale will focus on Bonnie as she receives some really hard news. As a result, she begins to gain a new perspective of her sobriety journey. There will also be scattered happiness in the episode. For example, viewers will learn more about Jill (played by Jaime Pressly). Viewers recently learned she was pregnant in recent episodes.

“There will be developments that our audience will be excited about and maybe there are also some things that are less than ideal. That’s just how life is. We know our characters can get through anything because they’re together and they have each other,” the series co-creator Gemma Baker said to Variety.

While there may be some shocking surprises, “Mom” is planning on delivering what it always has — a positive message regarding addiction recovery and a real-world interpretation of how hard life can be.

“Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is possible. And not only possible, it can be a joyful and communal experience. We knew going in eight years ago that’s what the show was about. I think that will be loud and clear in the finale as well,” executive producer Chuck Lorre said.