‘Monarch’ Cast Bonded Despite Political Differences, Says Susan Sarandon

by Taylor Cunningham

Susan Sarandon may have wildly different political views than her fellow Monarch castmates. But that hasn’t gotten in the way of deep and meaningful friendships—especially when it comes to her on-screen husband, Trace Adkins.

Sarandon is a well-known activist who, up until recently, considered herself a staunch Democrat. Today, she calls herself an Independent who stands up for her personal beliefs. But those beliefs tend to be liberal, which is the opposite of Adkins’ openly conservative views.

While the polarity of the nation has been ripping apart relationships, the Monarch actors have managed to bond over Country music. And eventually, they found enough common ground to forge a tight relationship.

“We became very close and built on mutual respect and love and did talk about stuff. [But] not from a team sport kind point of view, which is what’s happened in the terms of these parties, where you’re not really discussing the needs of the people, you’re more just discussing if you’re team’s gonna win this point or that point,” she shared on TMZ Live.

The ‘Monarch’ Star Believes ‘People Have More in Common’ Than They Know

According to Sarandon, both she and Adkins actually care about what’s happening to society. They both believe that people are “in danger” because of food shortages, violence, and “everything else.” And if others could quell their temperaments long enough to listen to each other, they “may find that people have more in common that you give them credit for.”

Furthermore, the Oscar winner shared that instead of attacking each other. Instead, they should be holding the people in power responsible for the ills of the world.

“I think it was really wonderful to be accepted,” she continued. “And I even got to go to the Country Music Awards [one] year. And that was really amazing to see how respected [Adkins] was and to meet people there that knew my work and respected me apart from whatever Bernie Sanders activism. They didn’t hold that against me at all.”

Ultimately, Susan Sarandon said that he time with Monarch has made her realize that there is “hope” for the country. And as she shows in the series, that unity begins with “family.”

“That’s the beginning of where we come together. How do we keep our families intact? How do we find a way to have dignity and survive in this world the way it is?” she continued.

Monarch follows the Romans, a family of Country singing superstars who find their dynasty is trouble when drama comes into their lives. Sarandon’s Dottie quickly proves there is nothing she won’t do to protect her legacy.

The story debuts on Fox this Sunday, September 11, at 8 PM ET.