‘Monarch’ Ratings Revealed for Series Premiere

by Samantha Whidden

Following the premiere of Fox’s new series Monarch, it has been reported that the TV show has already become a huge hit. 

According to TVLine, Fox’s Monarch made its debut on Sunday (September 11th) with 3.2 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating (per early numbers). The media outlet notes that pending adjustment, the new series will stand as Fox’s most-watched scripted fall launch in three years since the Prodigal Son made its debut at 4.1 million. It is also TV’s top-rating scripted premiere of 2022. 

TVLine further reports that its readers give Monarch opener an average grade of a B-. Created by Melissa London Hilfers, Monarch follows the Romans, who created a country music dynasty. However, their reign as country royalty is now being put in jeopardy. And Anna Friel’s Nicolette Roman will stop at nothing to protect her family. 

Starring alongside Friel in the series is Justin Kucsulain, Taegen Burns, Susan Sarandon, and Trace Adkins. 

Trace Adkins Talks About Working With Susan Sarandon on ‘Monarch’ 

While speaking to Parade, Trace Adkins talks about starring alongside Susan Sarandon on the new series Monarch. He plays Albie Roman, who is opposite to Sarandon’s Dottie. 

When asked if he was nervous about working with Sarandon on Monarch, Adkins admitted. “Yeah, terrified. Sure. But then I quickly realized after she left – after the first few weeks we’d been working together, she left to go do another project for a while – and somebody asked me, ‘I’m sure you feel a sense of relief now, not crossing swords with her every day.’ I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve found the opposite is true.’”

The Monarch star then said it’s comforting to work with someone who is as accomplished and as good as Sarandon is. “You go into the scene with her, and you know that it’s going to be good. She’s going to be there. You can depend on her. She’s going to carry the scene. You just have to swim in her wake and hang on. I don’t find that to be intimidating or nerve-wracking at all, I find it to be comforting.”

Along with discussing his interaction with Sarandon, Adkins also described Monarch. He said it is the “make-believe” life of the first family of country music. “The character that I play and the character that Susan Sarandon plays are the matriarch and patriarch of this entertainment dynasty. And it’s just all the drama and intrigue, and everything that circulates around it. All these people are incredibly flawed, so it’s just never-ending drama.”

In regards to whether Monarch will be like Nashville, Adkins added, “I can’t really answer that question. I never watched Nashville. I probably would be ostracized for publicly admitting that, but I never did.”