‘Monarch’ Releases Season 1 Preview Starring Trace Adkins Alongside Susan Sarandon

by Anna Dunn

Fox just dropped a trailer for season one of Monarch starring Trace Adkins and Susan Sarandon and it looks like a blast. The new series follows a country dynasty. TV Line describes the upcoming program as a combination between Nashville and Empire, and this trailer for Monarch definitely makes that a fair comparison.

This first look trailer debuted during Fox’s World Series coverage. It introduces us to Susan Sarandon’s powerful Dottie Roman. Dottie’s health is rapidly declining. She wants to pass the country music empire down to her daughter, Nicky Roman, played by Anna Freil.

If you have any doubts about Sarandon in a role like this, you can put those fears to rest. She appears to blend right into the role in Monarch and will likely do well as the lead.

At the beginning of the trailer, she explains that “this is our chance to show the world that the Roman family legacy will continue beyond me.”

The stakes are high for the powerful family.

According to Deadline, the show also features Emma Milani, Iñigio Pascual, Eva Amurri, Josh Sasse, Meagan Holder, Martha Migareda, and Adam Croasdell.

It appears that Dottie has been preparing Nicky for this moment since Nicky could understand it.

“If you’re not ready for this, I guess I just did not do my job right,” she tells Nicky.

In another chilling line, she tells her daughter that “heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

Dottie has multiple incredible moments in the trailer. In one jaw-dropping moment, she drops a curling iron into a man’s bathtub… with him bathing in it.

Trace Adkins also appears in the trailer, but in much smaller doses. He plays Dottie’s husband, Albie Roman. Additionally, his voice can be heard in the background singing “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

The ‘Monarch’ Company is Put in Jeopardy when The Family Gets Exposed for a Big Lie

We don’t know what the family gets exposed for. But Dottie, Albie, and Nicky have built their brand on honesty and integrity. When people find out that the foundation of their company was built on a big lie, the entire company is in jeopardy.

Nicky will face the impossible task of juggling her family’s reputation, her dedication to the label, and her desire to become a star herself.

The show is created by Melissa London Hilfers. She’s set to write and produce. Michael Rauch is an executive producer on the series and was responsible for supervising the writer’s room. The show will also feature plenty of original music with Adam Anders acting as the executive music producer.

The show will air on Fox in a special two-night event starting on Sunday, January 30th following the NFC championship. The second night of the event will pick up on Tuesday, February first.