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Monica Lewinsky Posts Photo of New Look

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic)

Monica Lewinsky shares a photo of her new “chopped + fringed” look on Twitter.

Who doesn’t love to show off a new do? Lewinsky did just that when she shared a photo of her freshly cut locks on Twitter. Along with the photo, Lewinsky wrote, “think i forgot to show y’all: chopped + fringed.”

Fans Give Monica Lewinsky A ‘Self-Esteem Boost’

Followers were quick to compliment Lewinsky’s new look. One follower wrote, “Radiant, beautiful, honorable woman.” Another fan wrote, “You are a really beautiful woman and I’ve seen interviews with you and you’re also very intelligent composed classy.”

One follower replied, “Nice! I loved your TEDTalk, I think you are courageous turning pain into purpose. I am so excited to see what else you do to help and inspire others.”

After receiving so many compliments, Lewinsky posted a follow-up tweet thanking followers. She wrote,” thanks everyone. i’m gonna look at this tweet everyday for self-esteem boost!”

She also highlighted the hairstylist who gave her the new look. Lewinsky wrote, “haircut by: INSTA @michaelhair”

Monica Gives TED Talk ‘Price Of Shame’

More than a decade after her affair with former president Bill Clinton, people still shame Lewinsky for the incident. Yes, an affair is never something to be praised. However, Lewinsky was just a 22-year-old intern at the time. Meanwhile, Clinton was 49 years old and the President of the United States. Clinton has continued to live a successful life while Lewinsky is still being shamed for actions that occurred over two decades ago. During her TED Talk, Monica Lewinsky: Price of Shame, Lewinsky takes a hard look at our online culture of humiliation and asks for a different way.

“Public shaming as a blood sport has to stop,” said Lewinsky during her talk. “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously,” she said referring to the affair in 1998.

Monica Lewinsky’s Ted Talk “Price of Shame.”