‘Moonshiners’ Show How to Make Good Use of Honey and Walnuts

by Jonathan Howard
Whole and chopped walnuts on old wooden table

Sometimes, you can teach some old dogs new tricks. That’s what Amanda showed Mark and Huck on Moonshiners recently.

One of the best things about old crafts and talents is the fact that no two groups of people will do things exactly the same. So, it helps to talk to folks about their own techniques. Mark and Huck have been working with corn and fruit mash in the past. However, this was different.

While Mark says, he usually just, “take a drink, let my liver sort out everything,” a customer wanted some flavored liquor. Amanda started to light up when she saw all of the wild walnuts that the two men had at their disposal. The Moonshiners stars got things together and then learned a little science.

Infusing alcohol with hard nuts and wild honey isn’t a fast process. At least, not the traditional method. It can take a couple of weeks in order to infuse booze. By compressing the walnut and honey mix with the alcohol in pressured canisters, they were able to speed the process up. Filtered it out and cleaned it all up. While the guys didn’t understand everything, it was a nice lesson for those at home and on camera.

Not everyone likes to drink straight-up white lightning. If you have ever met someone who knows someone who might have a liquor operation, they might have apple pie, cinnamon, cherry, or any other kind of infused shine. Amanda worked alongside Mark and Huck to make clear, infused, alcohol unlike they had ever done before.

It was such a success, the Moonshiners started to think about ways to make large batches of this flavored and infused product.

‘Moonshiners’ Ready to Start New Age Process

This is a very interesting relationship. Amanda is going to learn a lot of the old-school ways of moonshining. Then, the Moonshiners themselves, are going to get that new-age knowledge. This is a win-win for both sides. There is no telling what might become of this pairing.

The walnut and honey infusion is very interesting. Walnut liquor is sweet, nutty (duh), and can be done in many ways. There are those that use green nuts and I personally know folks that make a black walnut liquor once they’ve turned a bit. The addition of the honey is just going to make that taste so good and make it go down smooth.

Moonshiners have come a long way since the early years. If Mark, Huck, and Amanda manage to make this a big operation, things are going to get very interesting, very quickly. Folks love those flavored shines. This is more than just backwoods brewing, this is an entirely different operation. Will they be able to get things expanded?