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‘Moonshiners’ Stars Speak Out About Police Raid That Nearly Ended Their Careers

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes have had to dig down deep and rebuild. The Moonshiners stars were raided by police and almost had their careers ended. The two had to get out of Tennessee and look for better opportunities elsewhere.

In an all-new episode coming up on Wednesday night, the shiners begin to rebuild after such a hard time. They spoke with PopCulture about their tribulations and problems. One of the hardest things in the moonshine business is finding out where your water is coming from. That’s something that Ramsey and Manes know too well.

The good news is, their product is in high demand. “Covid put a huge demand on liquor, legal and illegal,” Manes said. Ramsey followed that up with. “If you’re stuck with your spouse seven days a week, you might need a drink… or two.” However, these shiners aren’t trying to push prices. They just want to make a living doing what they do.

One thing is for sure, they don’t want to go to jail.  “We’re about too old to do anything else, and Digger’s too pretty to go to jail,” Ramsey said about the raid.

“They’re [clients] our friends and our customers, so we suffered with them,” Ramsey explained. However, fans can expect to see them back in action in this upcoming season. They are hoping to get things back on track after that raid. It isn’t easy to get a still set up and it is even harder to keep on running and hidden for an entire season. These shiners are going to have to get things figured out.

The good news is that these Moonshiners stars are also judges on Master Distiller. So, they have other things to do besides running liquor. On that show, they star alongside Tickle and Tim Smith and they find the best distillers, legal or illegal.

‘Moonshiners’ Stars Still Learning on ‘Master Distiller’

When it comes down to it, making good liquor is an art, like anything else. Baking, cooking, distilling. All of those things aren’t always artful, but the way these shiners do things is. Manes and Ramsey have been judging on Master Distiller. The stars of Moonshiners are learning things along the way.

“There has not been one episode of Master Distiller where we didn’t walk away learning something, which is good,” Ramsey admitted. “You’re never too old to keep learning.” That’s all part of art, trades, and other related endeavors. Learning, picking up on styles, technique, and getting creative in ways you usually don’t are all parts of honing a craft. For these experts, you can also tell the real ones from the fakers.

“You can tell the ones that just wanna be on TV,” Manes said. “They don’t know what they’re doing first of all. … To make good liquor, you gotta have the passion in your heart for it. That always shines through.” Those words are very insightful into how these distillers approach their work. Whether the Moonshiners stars are doing it in the backwoods or in a legal business, they all have that passion.