Morgan Wallen Goes Viral on Social Media After Videos Surface of Him Partying at SEC Tailgate

by Josh Lanier

Morgan Wallen enjoyed celebrating No. 2 Alabama’s home opening win Saturday, reported. Social media videos taken by University of Alabama students seem to show the country music star downing drinks, kissing girls, playing guitar at a house party, and just enjoying the moment.

Several astonished students who were surprised to see the country music star at their college party, uploaded videos from the night. Wallen is seen at a party, a bar, and riding in a fan’s car.

And while most don’t seem to mind Wallen having some fun after a football game, some fans are calling him out because he wasn’t wearing a mask or social distancing. The University of Alabama had a major COVID-19 outbreak in August.

Other critics were upset because he has an infant son at home.

The 27-year-old Wallen hasn’t said anything about the social media uploads, but he was at the game according to his personal Instagram. He posted a picture from a luxury box at Bryant–Denny Stadium before kick-off for his 1.5 million followers.

But while that was his last social media post from that day, fans captured several videos of Wallen after the game.