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Morgan Wallen, Jason Bateman Poke Fun at Wallen’s Partying, SNL Cancellation in Parody Sketch

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images for CMT)

Morgan Wallen was true to his mullet Saturday when he left the party behind him and got down to business. The rising country star finally made his debut appearance on Saturday Night Live last night after a two-month delay. And he even joined in a sketch that poked fun at why his original appearance was canceled.

Wallen performed “7 Summers” and “Still Going Down.” But the most memorable moment of the night was a sketch where Wallen addressed why he missed his first performance.

Wallen was to perform on Oct. 10 along with the show’s host, comedian Bill Burr. But that performance was scuttled only days before after several videos of Wallen surfaced showing him partying at the University of Alabama. Videos posted to TikTok featured the singer downing drinks, kissing girls, and enjoying himself. That all may have been fine if the country weren’t in the grips of a pandemic, but 2020 is somethin’ else, and Wallen was ignoring all safety precautions. NBC canceled the performance once the videos went viral.

On Saturday night’s episode, Wallen appeared in a sketch in which he relives that night in Tuscaloosa. But before he can get into trouble, a Future Morgan (host Jason Bateman) appears to steer him in a better direction. The only problem is Future Morgan, like current-day Morgan, really wants to stay and party. You can see the entire sketch below.

Aside from pointing out that Wallen really likes to party, the sketch lays the blame for the cancellation at the feet of NBC’s executives and not the show’s producer Lorne Micheals.

Morgan Wallen Promised to be on His Best Behavior

Shortly after losing the earlier gig, Wallen posted a length Instagram video where he apologized for his behavior. He also promised to do better if SNL would give him a second chance.

He even joked about the cancellation when it was announced he would return to the show.

So, earlier this week, TMZ tracked down the 27-year-old in New York to find out if he was keeping that promise.

““I’m not leaving this damn hotel,” Wallen said in the candid video as he entered a waiting SUV.