Morgan Wallen Releases New Track ‘You Proof’ on His Birthday

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

Happy birthday Morgan Wallen, and happy birthday to fans as well! Yesterday, May 13, was the country music superstar’s 29th birthday, and he celebrated by dropping a previously unreleased track called “You Proof.” About a week before, he teased the song on his TikTok, but now we have the full version to enjoy.

The style definitely has pop and hip hop influences; there’s a strong beat backed by subtle guitar that speaks to Wallen’s country roots, but explores his electronic side a bit. This sounds like one of those songs that just comes out of nowhere and knocks you on your ass; something that just begs to be written the moment you hear the beat. I’m not sure if that’s true for “You Proof,” but Morgan Wallen–who will perform at the 2022 Billboard Awards coming up–has definitely made a killer song out of it.

It’s just subtle enough to be really enjoyable; it’s not an in-your-face electronic country sound. Sure there’s some reverb, and twangy steel guitar, and Wallen’s voice is still undeniably rural Tennessean. But, this is a song that I wouldn’t mind if it came on in a bar. It’s smooth like good whiskey, fits Wallen’s distinct voice, and tells an all-too-familiar story.

Lyrically, “You Proof” is about trying to forget an ex at the bottom of a bottle. Though, it features a clever play on words, and doesn’t paint the picture of the usual country boy drinking to forget. It’s lyrically sharp and snappy, which blends well with the vocals. All in all, “You Proof” is a song that showcases Morgan Wallen’s collaborative writing style and distinct vocal sound. It was written by Wallen with Ashley Gorley, ERNEST, Keith Smith, and Charlie Handsome. If anything, you can definitely hear the ERNEST in this song.

Morgan Wallen Releases Full-Length ‘You Proof’ Track, Dedicates Another Song to His Mom Over Mother’s Day

Morgan Wallen has released some personal songs before, but “Thought You Should Know” is an intimate look into his relationship with his mother. He wrote the song with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon, so the lyrics are definitely on point.

In an Instagram post before Mother’s Day, Wallen wrote, “Thank you, Mama. Dropping this song for you on Mother’s Day Weekend.” He also added later, along with another clip of the song, “This one’s for you mama. I know it didn’t always seem like those prayers were getting through. I hope this song is a testament to the fact that they did.”

So, clearly, this was a personal one for Morgan Wallen. It reads like a one-sided phone call he’s making with his mother, where he tells her all the things he’s been doing lately. He lists his achievements, his disbelief that he’s on the radio, the fact that he has a new girlfriend. He knows his mother worries, and “Thought You Should Know” is Morgan Wallen’s way of reassuring her that he’s really okay.