‘Mr. Feeny’ Actor William Daniels From ‘Boy Meets World’ Turns 94: Here’s How He Celebrated

by Katie Maloney

Even at 94-years-old William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, is still offering fans support and advice.

Undoubtedly, Boy Meets World was an iconic show for every kid growing up in the 90s. The show ran from 1993-2000 and followed Corey Matthews and his friends and family as they navigated life. One of the key characters on the show was Mr. Feeny, Corey’s next-door neighbor, and wise teacher. The characters on the show as well as fans could always count on Mr. Feeny for some sage advice. In fact, even 21 years after the last episode aired, Daniels is still finding ways to support fans. During an interview, Daniels shared that he spent the first half of his birthday this week connecting with fans. Daniels used a video-sharing website to record videos and send messages to fans.

But even a hard-working man like Daniels knows that he can’t spend his entire birthday working. So, after recording a few videos for fans, Daniels went out for a pizza dinner with his wife, son, and granddaughter.

William Daniels Didn’t Want To Play Mr. Feeny

When Daniels first received the script for Boy Meets World, the first thing he noticed was Mr. Feeny’s name. He noticed it was a “funny” name and he immediately decided to play down the character. During an interview, Daniels talked about how he didn’t want to play Mr. Feeny if he had to make fun of teachers.

“I just didn’t want to make fun of teachers. I just didn’t, they are too important and too underpaid and all of that,” said Daniels.

So, he talked to the creator of Boy Meets World and told him that he did not want to play Mr. Feeny if he was going to be expected to make fun of teachers. The creator told Daniels that he wrote Mr. Feeny based on a high school teacher/mentor that he respected greatly. He assured Daniels that Mr. Feeny’s character would be handled with respect and care. So, Daniels accepted the part.

“Suddenly, there was Mr. Feeny, even with the funny name. It turned out he did exactly that,” said Daniels. “I have had so much mail about how important it was in their lives. Teachers and students who took it all in and followed a lot of the advice. And it’s really gratifying to get that kind of mail. And I got a lot of it too. So, that was very pleasant and it turned out to be a good experience,” said Daniels.