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2020 CMT Music Awards: Noah Cyrus’ Outfit Has Social Media Divided

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for CMT)

Noah Cyrus wore almost nothing during her 2020 CMT Awards performance – and social media cannot figure out how they feel about it.

During the unique awards show, 20-year-old Noah Cyrus sang “This Is Us” with Jimmie Allen. The outfit chosen for her moment in the CMT spotlight? A see-thru sheer bodysuit, with enough bedazzled adornments to cover… a bit.

In short: hardly anything was left to the imagination.

The younger sister of megastar Miley Cyrus, Noah has stated on many occasions that it has been hard living in Miley’s shadow. Is this her way of striking out and trying to outdo her older sister’s own penchant for… hardly wearing anything at all?

Sporting thigh-high white boots, long gloves, and cowboy hat, however, is more than Miley wore in her infamous Wrecking Ball video. So Noah may have to push the envelope even further.

Social media, though, would prefer that she not.

Noah Cyrus Draws Ire after CMT Awards Outfit… or Lack Thereof

Following Cyrus’ performance, viewers took directly to Twitter to share their opinions of her outfit. And as should be expected, such a strong choice in outfit – warrants some strong words as a result. “Put some clothes on,” one fan demands.

Others, however, are putting the blame on CMT for letting her represent their brand in this way.


Fans Come to Cyrus’ Defense

There will always be those in favor, however. Luckily for Noah Cyrus, just as many fans have come out of the twittersphere to tell her how much they love her look. For some, her “outfit is EVERYTHING”. Others, like @sunrisegrace, say “honestly I loved it and wish I had that kind of confidence”.

In addition, superfan @endofnoah, declares them the “OUTFITS OF THE NIGHT!!!”


Miley Cyrus Weighs in on Sister’s Performance

But if we were Noah – there’s only one opinion we’d really care about, right? What does older sister Miley think of all this controversy?

She doesn’t even address it. Instead, she’s proving she is in her sister’s corner by praising her performance – and not criticizing her appearance.

“@Noahcyrus sangggg the house down last night!” Miley tweets. “Proudest big sister ever. I love u soooo much.”

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