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2021 CMA Awards: Watch Chris Stapleton Deliver Bone-Chilling Performance of ‘Cold’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Chris Stapleton dominated last night’s CMA Awards show. He took home four trophies out of five nominations. Stapleton walked away with wins for Album, Song, and Single of the Year awards. He also took home Male Vocalist of the Year. Additionally, the ACM recognized him for his production work on his latest album Starting Over.

He shared the Album and Single of the Year wins with producer Dave Cobb and mix engineer Vance Powell. Stapleton also shared his Song of the Year win with co-writer Mike Henderson. That alone would have made it a huge night for the former Steeldrivers vocalist and his fans. However, it didn’t stop there.

In addition to winning a shelf full of trophies, Chris Stapleton took the stage twice. Once, was with Jennifer Hudson for a duet rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” he also performed the song “Cold” from Starting Over. Go ahead and check out his chilling solo performance below.

Chris Stapleton Delivers Every Time

Chris Stapleton doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. This fact makes it that much more impressive when he shows up on stage with proof like this. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What did he prove with this performance?” Well, for one, he showed the world why he’s Male Vocalist of the Year. There are several truly talented male vocalists in the country music industry.

However, no one can really touch Stapleton vocally. The soul and emotion he injects into the songs he sings and the sheer vocal range he commands make him an elite vocalist.

Furthermore, Chris Stapleton proved that he’s not just a country singer. Can he belt a country song with the best of them? Absolutely. But, he can do a lot more than that. He took the CMA Awards stage and gave the country music world a soulful blues-infused performance that blew the roof off the venue.

Speaking of soulful powerhouse performances, check out Jennifer Hudson in the clip below. She’s otherworldly by herself. But, when Stapleton adds his voice the two are almost too much to handle. Someone needs to get this dynamic duo in a studio as soon as possible.

Cold Changes Hands Again

Back in October, Chris Stapleton joined a slew of other top-shelf country music stars at CMT’s Artists of the Year event. Before he took home his trophy, the legendary R&B group Boyz II Men took on “Cold” and made it their own. They did such an amazing rendition of the song that Stapleton said, “I don’t think that’s Chris Stapleton’s ‘Cold’ anymore. That’s Boyz II Men’s ‘Cold’ now.”

However, last night, he showed everyone watching around the world and everybody who comes upon the YouTube video in the future that no one can do it like he does.