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2022 ACM Awards: Priscilla Block Gets Emotional Over First Nomination

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For any performer, getting their first nomination is worth remembering. ACM Awards nominee Priscilla Block got that first one. The country music artist knew that it was so memorable that she did get emotional about it. That’s definitely worth having some emotions and feelings about indeed. So, let’s get a little more information about this artist with some help from Taste of Country.

At A Glance

  • Country music artist Priscilla Block was nominated for the ACM New Female Artist of the Year.
  • Her new album Welcome to the Block Party was released in February.
  • Upon hearing of the honor, Priscilla Block was ovecome with emotion.
  • Lainey Wilson ended up winning the award in an early announcement.

ACM Awards For Priscilla Block Brought Her To Tears

So, Priscilla Block will be a part of the ACM Awards this coming Monday night. She has been nominated for the ACM New Female Artist of the Year honor.

She has her new album Welcome to the Block Party. But Priscilla Block was in Las Vegas at the time for her live concert. That was in conjunction with her new album. Well, she woke up and had a lot of messages on her phone.

“I see texts on my phone…I’m not looking at the texts,” Block said. “I don’t want to spoil anything…what if they’re saying sorry next time we still love you, or they’re saying holy crap congratulations.”

Joyful Texts Lead Block To See That She Got A Nomination

All of them were joyful. Still, she had to see the nominees’ post on Instagram. Well, then she let her emotions flow.

“It took a second,” Block said. “It felt so unreal, I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, what is this?’ And then five minutes later I’m like [crying].” Well, Priscilla Block was nominated for the ACM Awards with Lily Rose, Lainey Wilson, Caitlyn Smith, and Tenille Arts. Wilson did win the award. It was announced on Friday, March 4.

Block did remember what took place after she learned of the nomination. “I cried all day long — I’m still crying,” she said. “Especially going into the album release that night, such a whirlwind of a day of all the emotions.”

Priscilla Block went from being a TikTok sensation to a major label artist. Now, she has big things ahead. That album hit stores and online stores on Feb. 11. It is filled with a lot of life lessons she has learned.

“I tell people it’s sassy, trashy, and sad,” she said. “It’s like a girl trying to get through life, that’s kinda the vibe of this album. You’ve got your heartbreak songs, your party songs, your sad girl songs…the emotions of getting through your 20s, 30s, whatever it is.”