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2022 CMT Music Awards: Fans React To Carrie Underwood’s Stunning ‘Ghost Story’ Performance

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood took things to a whole other level with her CMT Awards performance of “Ghost Story.” Underwood looked amazing in purple, and also had no shoes? That confused me for a second, but I thought, maybe she’s just getting comfortable. The real reason was revealed near the end of her performance; she took to the air on aerial silks and sang upside down. Talk about dedication to the craft. For dedication to the CMT Awards, though, Outsider has you covered with live updates.

Underwood is definitely multitalented, as Kelsea Ballerini said in the introduction from her house. Fans went absolutely wild on Twitter, as CMT recently posted the full performance. Honestly, there should be a category for Best Singing While in the Air so Carrie Underwood can add yet another CMT Award to her collection.

“[I]’m speechless … @carrieunderwood never fails to put on the BEST performance,” wrote another fan. Carrie Underwood herself wrote on Twitter that she’d be taking her performance “to new heights,” and she was definitely right; new heights musically and literally. She’s previously stated that “Ghost Story” was challenging for her vocally, but that she stepped right up to the plate.

Another fan wrote, “What seriously just happened!?!? In awe of that performance of Ghost Story @carrieunderwood!!! Can’t wait to see you in Vegas again,” while yet another tweeted, “YES! My girl Carrie Underwood brought it with her performance of ‘Ghost Story’!” The fans came out in droves to hype up Carrie Underwood and her magical performance. Underwood previously performed “Ghost Story” at the Grammys, but this performance takes the cake. One fan commented that her husband must have been holding his breath when she went up in the air. I, for one, can’t wait to hear about the inspiration for the set from Underwood.

Carrie Underwood Performs for CMT Awards From the Air, Plus Wins with Jason Aldean

Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean won the first award of the night with Collaborative Video of the Year for “If I Didn’t Love You.” The song didn’t win a Grammy earlier this month, but there’s plenty of love from the fans and CMT judges. Aldean recently reached out via Instagram and thanked everyone for the love on the song.

Underwood also spoke about the song on social media, thanking Aldean and the songwriting team. “Loved celebrating this song with everyone — congrats to [Jason Aldean, Lydia Vaughan, John Morgan, Kurt Allison, and Tully Kennedy],” she wrote on Twitter.

Additionally, Underwood recently released a sneak peek at her next album, “Denim and Rhinestones,” with a tracklist. So far, we’ve only heard “Ghost Story,” but I can’t wait to hear “Pink Champagne,” “She Don’t Know,” and the titular “Denim and Rhinestones.” The sneak peek had a clip of “Denim and Rhinestones,” and it seems to be more pop-inspired than her usual fare. Either way, I’m already a fan.