49 Winchester: The Story Behind the Band’s Name

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Joshua Black Wilkins via New West Records)

49 Winchester has a fanbase that is loyal and constantly growing. With each new album, the band grows and changes. However, the heart and soul of their music is the same. No matter where they go sonically, the band’s authenticity is at the center of their sound. Whether they lean more toward rock, soul, or country music, the band makes the music that they want to hear. This dedication to staying true to their ever-changing vision pulls fans in like moths to a flame.

The guys in 49 Winchester have spent their entire musical careers together in the band. They grew up together in Castlewood, Virginia and were friends long before they were bandmates. As a result, they have a chemistry that is nearly unmatched in the music world. More than that, they have a deep connection to their shared stomping grounds. Their latest single, “Russell County Line” is a love letter to the place that they call home. Additionally, the name of the band is a nod to the place where it all started.

Isaac Gibson on the Origins of 49 Winchester

Recently, Outsider sat down with Isaac Gibson, vocalist and songwriter for 49 Winchester. During that interview, we discussed a long list of things including the origin of the band’s name.

“49 Winchester is an address,” Gibson said. “It’s the house where I grew up, the old family home place. That’s where the band started.” Then, he gave a little more context to how much the house means to the band. “Me and Chase [Chafin], the bass player, we grew up right beside each other and we’ve been lifelong friends,” he recalled. “I’ve known Chase since before I have memories of things. He’s always been right there across the road.”

Then, Isaac Gibson explained how they chose the address, 49 Winchester, as the name for their band. “We were sitting there at that house the night we decided to name the band. I looked at the mailbox and it just had a ring to it. We stuck with it,” he said.

More than a nod to the old home place, the band’s name ensures that the guys in 49 Winchester will never forget where they came from. When I suggested that during the interview, Gibson replied with a laugh, “Neither will anybody else.”

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

During our chat, Gibson said that he and the rest of the guys in 49 Winchester have no plans to move out of Castlewood, Virginia. “I have no desire to be anywhere else,” he said. “This is where my family has been for generations. This is where I’m comfortable and where I know everybody. Everything I love is right here in Castlewood and I don’t see a point in going anywhere else.”