5 Questions With Justin Moore About New Single, Upcoming Album, Arkansas Football, ‘Yellowstone’ & More

by Jim Casey
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for ACM)

After scoring his 10th No. 1 hit in August with “We Didn’t Have Much,” Justin Moore is back on radio airwaves with his new single, “With a Woman You Love.” The romantic tune serves as lead single to Justin’s upcoming seventh studio album, which is expected to drop in early 2022.

In addition, Justin will be releasing his first Greatest Hits album on vinyl on February 25. The 13-track collection features his 10 chart-topping singles, as well as fan-favorites “Bait a Hook,” “Backwoods,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

As Justin gears up for the holidays, Outsider caught up to the Arkansas native to ask him 5 Questions about his new single, Razorback football, Yellowstone and more.

1. The most important song for a new album is its lead single. Why is ‘With a Woman You Love’ special?

Justin Moore: It’s funny because, like you said it, the first single from a new album is super important. And when you’re choosing that, you’re trying to have success radio-wise and attention-wise. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had a love song out there.

It’s not something that I’ve done a ton of throughout my career. Of our 15, 20 hit songs, we’ve had maybe five of them as love songs. But they always do really, really well for us. They stream well, they typically do well on the charts.

Quite honestly, I was just playing a number of songs for a record rep of mine on the bus. This was maybe a year ago. And he kept going back to this particular song. He’s like, “Play that one again. Play that one again.” I liked the song. I thought it was good, but sometimes you don’t realize the impact that they have on other people. And he kept going, “Man, I love that song. What’s this?” Of course, I really liked the song, too. It’s well written, and a really good melody, and we’re excited about it. So hopefully, everybody’s digging it. It seems as though they are, so far.

2. How close are you to having the new album finished?

Justin Moore: We’re really close to being finished with the entire project. We’ve got a little work to do in the studio, but really, really excited about it. Got to do a duet, too. Very excited about it. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a duet, so that’s cool as well. I really believe that the new album has some of the best writing I’ve done, and I wrote with some great songwriters.

3. You’re also releasing your first ‘Greatest Hits’ album in 2022. That’s a significant milestone for an artist?

Justin Moore: Really, really excited to have a Greatest Hits album come out on vinyl. I mean, that’s one of those things, in no way meaning to be boastful, but that’s one of those things where you go, “That’s pretty damn cool, man.” You’ve had enough songs, thanks to radio and the fans, that you get to put something out there that says “Greatest Hits.” That means you’ve had quite a few of them, which is neat, for sure.

4. Arkansas football went 8-4 this year with a January 1 bowl game. You’ve gotta be excited about what second-year coach Sam Pittman has done?

Justin Moore: Man, Sam and I are great friends. We became really great friends when he was at Arkansas before, under [Bret] Bielema, as the O-line coach. We became really good friends, and remained really good friends when he went to Georgia. So when he was hired, a lot of people who weren’t overly familiar with Sam Pittman thought, “Well, why is Arkansas hiring this random O-line coach?” But I knew, “Man, he’s gonna do really well here.”

The biggest part of his success, in my opinion, and again, it’s just my opinion, is the fact that he’s as big an Arkansas Razorback fan as I am. He wants to see us succeed. And to come from where we’ve come from the last nine years or whatever, it’s just really miraculous. But it’s not necessarily surprising knowing him as a human being, and being friends with him. So really, really happy for him. Happy for the state and the program.

Alabama is obviously Alabama, and they’ve done just historic things under Saban. I mean, he is the greatest college football coach of all time. Period. But yeah, I think Arkansas is finally back to a place where we can compete with just about anybody and everybody.

5. I know you’re a ‘Yellowstone’ fan. Favorite character?

Justin Moore: Absolutely. But I missed last night’s episode, so no spoilers [laughing]. Man, I’ve always loved Westerns. My grandfather used to watch them all the time, and I watched them with him. Before I even knew what the heck they were. So Yellowstone, to me, is a modern-day Western. The acting it great. I think the production is great. The storyline is awesome. The characters are amazing. We absolutely love it. It’s definitely in my Top 5 shows of all time. I don’t know if it’s No. 1, but it’s definitely Top 5. I love Beth. She’s my favorite.