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5 Questions With Whiskey Myers’ Cody Cannon About Upcoming Album, Tour, ‘Yellowstone’ & More

by Jim Casey
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Whiskey Myers has big plans in 2022. The genre-bending six piece (Cody Cannon, Cody Tate, John Jeffers, Jeff Hogg, Jamey Gleaves, and Tony Kent) will hit the road for the Whiskey Myers Is A Comin’ Tour in February, drop a new album in the spring, and curate their second Firewater Music Festival in the fall.

The Texas road warriors have played more than 2,500 shows during their 15-year run, with 21 dates already on the slate in the new year. But one of the biggest boons for the band has been Paramount’s Yellowstone, which, over its four seasons, has prominently featured plenty of Whiskey Myers’ songs—including “Stone,” “Frogman,” “Mud,” and more—as well as a cameo.

Outsider caught up to Whiskey Myers’ frontman Cody Cannon to ask him 5 Questions about their new album, upcoming tour, Yellowstone boost, and more.

1. Whiskey Myers has sonic elements of country, Southern rock, Texas country, Red Dirt, and more. Where does that genre-bending sound come from?

Cody Cannon: Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with the genre-bending stuff. And we’re going to even bend it more, I think, with this new record. It’s all over the place. But that’s fun. Right? I hate the whole, “Put it in a box. You got to be this.” And I get it, you know. People do that so you can sell it and make money off of it. But that’s not art to me. I love the idea of just doing, really, whatever you feel. It comes out a certain way because that’s just how it comes out. Whiskey Myers never really tried to be a certain way. It’s just how we are. So I think that’s really the whole thing about music, or the beauty about music, it’s just that freedom to create.

2. What’s the new bend on the upcoming album?

Cody Cannon: So this will be our second self-produced album. We wrote all the songs. It’s going to have a little bit different sound. We added a bunch of stuff we haven’t used before. We just wanted to do something a little different. I mean, it’s still Whiskey Myers at its core. But it’s kind of fresh and a little bit different sound. We did a lot of brass and horns on this one, which is something we’ve always wanted to do.

Just being fans of all that old music and Motown stuff and a lot of the stuff coming out of Muscle Shoals, and old rock and roll. We’re big Stones fans. So it was something that we always wanted—to put some horns on it. So going to have some horns coming at you on the new record.

3. You curated the Firewater Music Festival in 2021 with a lineup of Chris Knight, Shane Smith, Ray Wylie Hubbard & more. Can we expect another great lineup in 2022?

Cody Cannon: I hope so, man. That one was a badass lineup, wasn’t it? No, we were just thinking about what do we want to do here? Who do we get to play? Then at the end of the day, it’s like, we just need to get our friends. Our favorite bands around are the people that we’re friends with. So all those people on there, man, we just think the world of them. And we know a lot of them really good. We play shows with them, we tour with them. So we’re very thankful to be able to put that together and just have all of our friends at the same place at once.

So it’ll probably be a badass lineup. We’re working on that right now. But it’ll have to be a little bit different, because we don’t want to bring all the same people back again. You want to change it up from year to year.

4. Whiskey Myers got a serious boost after being featured on ‘Yellowstone.’ What has that meant to your career after 15 years?

Cody Cannon: Yeah, we’re very, very, very thankful to them. I think what it did for us is just, we didn’t have a platform to reach millions of people at one time. You know what I mean? Because we never were a radio band, really. That wasn’t what we were interested in doing—trying to make songs to fit a radio format. We weren’t interested in signing a record deal and trying to go that route. Our thing was just being an independent band and being free to create our music. So doing that, you have your social media platforms and different little music apps and things like that that they can hear your music. Then obviously, touring. That was our main thing, man, just playing shows.

But what was great about Yellowstone, it’s just millions of people being able to see it and hear it at once, which we had never had that opportunity. So I think that’s why. And it generated such a buzz. We’re very thankful for those people, man. They’ve been really good to us.

5. I know you’ve got a little downtime over the holidays. What are you looking forward to doing?

Cody Cannon: Spending time with my family. Santa’s coming for the baby boy this year. This is his first Santa experience. So we got to go to bed early so Santa Claus can come. We’re also gonna do some duck hunting over Christmas. I’ll probably deer hunt a little bit, too.

I’m looking forward to the break. But, yeah, then we’ll be back hitting our stride on tour. It will be a bigger tour, bigger show, adding some stuff. We’re gonna excited to be out there for the people and hit our stride. What we were doing this year was just makeup dates from pre-COVID stuff. So it’s actually kind of a new thing for us.