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Aaron Lewis Gives Fans First Sample of Upcoming Album, ‘Frayed at Both Ends,’ With Release of ‘Goodbye Town’

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Unconventional country songwriter Aaron Lewis teased the musical configurations of his upcoming album, “Frayed at Both Ends.”

Over the last year, the country singer + songwriter has spent time developing his songwriting craft, and now, he’s laying down the final touches on his newest album set to release on January 28th. The album hosts influences from legends Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, David Allen Coe, Hank Williams Jr., and more.

“Goodbye Town” is now out ahead of the record. It encompasses an acoustic guitar that echos a missing love. Mickey Raphael plays harmonica on the track and adds a heavier, emotional underbelly to the tune.

“Frayed at Both Ends” is the Springfield, Vermont native’s acoustic embodiment. Lewis’ sound is heavily stripped back in this collection as Lewis’s vintage side is set free. Some of Nashville’s finest musicians Tom Bukovac, Biff Watson, Sturgill Simpson’s former guitar player Laur Joamets, Dan Tyminski display their musical offerings and talents in the work.

Lewis shares his thoughts on Nashville’s talent, “There’s so much great music in Nashville, which I think everybody knows. But until you really live here, get to know people, you don’t realize how deep it runs.”

On the record, Lewis spills, “This is an album of saying things that need to be said about how people actually live. Life isn’t easy. Most people drink to forget or drive for hours trying to get away from what they can’t let go of or leave behind. Work takes it out of you. Love falls short or destroys you. Disappointments stack up. But still, you have to keep going – and how you do that says everything about the man that you are.”

Aaron Lewis’s Biggest Controversy

Aaron Lewis is a man of his words. He stands up for what he believes in and he doesn’t back down.

“Am I The Only One” is Lewis’s anthem of frustration. Previously released, fans will find this track on “Frayed at Both Ends” as well. This single is a hungry desire to know that you are not the only one feeling a certain way. There is a lot of weight behind Lewis’s words as he declares his frustration with the modern-day world.

Released by Big Machine Records imprint Valory Music Group, he sings, “Am I the only one here tonight. Shakin’ my head and thinkin’ somethin’ ain’t right. Is it just me? Am I losin’ my mind?. Am I standin’ on the edge of the end of time?”

“They Call Me Doc” is another song on the upcoming assemblage that is out. The song is by CreatiVets – a non-profit using music and the arts to help out veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. The song features Lewis, Vince Gill, and Dan Tyminski and calls awareness to the 20 veterans that commit suicide each and every day.

Fans can learn more about pre-order Lewis’ album by heading to his Twitter.