Aaron Watson Hilariously Calls Out Morgan Wallen for His ‘Trendsetting Mullet’ in New Video of His Son

by Shelby Scott

Mullets saw their heyday in the 1980s, at least that used to be the case. Lately, country music icon Morgan Wallen has brought back the infamous hairstyle and outsiders can’t get enough. Most recently, Aaron Watson sent a humorous dig Wallen’s way and his mullet is centric to the joke.

The video captures Watson riding shotgun as his son drives a Jeep manual down a dusty road. The clip initially highlights a fun father-son learning experience. Although the accompanying sticker across the video is truly what makes the clip.

What’s more, viewers watch as Watson slowly takes his finger and starts twirling the end of his son’s mullet around it. As expected, the boy smiles obligingly as all kids do when their parents harass them, leaning farther over the tire to escape Watson’s antics.

“Dang you Morgan Wallen & your trendsetting mullet!” Watson jokes. The singer’s followers loved the post, sharing in the humor and their love for the contemporary mullet trend.

“I have so many friends doing it now,” one fan writes in reference to the hairstyle. “Mullets everywhere,” another fan joked.

While mullets can be a hotly debated topic, Wallen’s iconic hairstyle is definitely trending. Does that mean the 80s are once again upon us? Only an increased sale in hairspray will tell.

Morgan Wallen Returns to Country Radio

Morgan Wallen saw a world of difficulty this past year. His label previously dropped him due to social controversy and he completely disappeared from country radio. However, he’s recently begun making appearances again at other country artists’ concerts and shows.

Additionally, according to Billboard, Big Loud Records plans to drop his first single since the controversy to country radio. The single, “Sand In My Boots,” comes off the artist’s most recent album, Dangerous, which was initially released in January.

“Sand In My Boots” is Wallen’s first new single to hit country stations in 7 months and it’s already topping charts. The end of August saw the single sitting at number 5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Despite Morgan Wallen’s ban from country radios, songs like his recent single as well as hit song, “Whiskey Glasses,” made appearances on country stations as early as June.

Further, Wallen reentered the country music scene with a new song, “You Proof” which he initially shared a preview of on his Instagram back in July. The new song features a variety of contemporary hip-hop beats and sounds, which should enable the artist to break back into the country music scene on a high note.

While Wallen’s entrance back into the country music scene has been gradual, his die-hard fans have stuck with him from the get-go. With so much time away from the spotlight, we can’t help but wonder what kinds of new music Wallen plans to release.