ACM Awards 2021: Blanco Brown Makes First Public Appearance at Awards Show After Tragic Accident

by Evan Reier

It’s been a hard road back for Blanco Brown, but he is travelling it, with a wholesome pit-stop at the ACM Awards 2021.

The “The Git Up” singer made his first public debut at the awards ceremony, just months after a serious car accident in August. Brown was driving a motorcycle when he hit a 1998 Ford Ranger.

The 36-year-old singer suffered absolutely brutal injuries. He broke his arms, wrists, pelvis and legs in the horrific crash, and was immediately sent to an Atlanta intensive care unit.

After months of recovery, he has now appeared at the ACM Awards and handed out the Group of the Year award, which Old Dominion won.

To say the least, it’s an impressive achievement that he was able to recover in time for the award show. There’s no doubt that some recovery is still coming, but being in a place to attend is near-miraculous.

Before Appearing at ACM Awards 2021, Blanco Brown Talked Wreck

Back on March 1, Brown talked to Billboard about his recovery. To put it simply, Brown stared death in the face and is still here.

“There’s nothing more real than laying there and you hear the doctor say, ‘If we don’t get him blood, he’s not going to make it,’ and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Brown said. “That was a moment. I could only lay there. I was like ‘Please don’t let me leave.’”

“It was a scary moment, but I’m just glad that God had his arms around me.”

In the days since, the singer has spent countless hours rehabbing. He also said that the accident wasn’t his fault, but wasn’t at liberty to speak on it.

Either way, it’s hard not to be thankful that the 36-year-old is still with us after something so traumatic.

“Some days are up and then some days are pain,” Brown said. “You just really don’t know what day you’re going to get until you get up and start trying to move around and do the physical therapy and stuff.”