ACM Awards: Elvie Shane Previews What’s In Store for 2022

by Amanda Glover

While rocking his signature shades, country singer Elvie Shane popped up at his very first ACM Awards and spilled the beans on what’s next for his career. On the red carpet, one reporter was eager to know what can everyone expect from Shane this year.

“Oh well, we just put the record out,” the Kentucky-born singer said. “I’m already working on more stuff. There’s some really cool features that I’m working on, so that’s all I can say. I probably shouldn’t have even said that, but some rules are made for breaking, right?”

The “Country Roads” singer also announced his excitement for getting back to performing live shows since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“And playing shows, I finally get to get out there ’cause we started during the pandemic, you know,” he continued. “So, finally, get to get out there and play some festivals. We’re doing a club tour right now, headlining a club tour and that’s going great. And I want to do that again in the Fall. I’m loving being out there and just seeing people, you know, and playing music for them.”

But that wasn’t the only question for Elvie Shane at the ACM Awards. Another journalist asked which country star, living or dead, he’d perform with if he got the chance on the ACM stage. He picked Roger Miller.

“He was the first CD that I ever had. My great-grandmother gave me his greatest hits and taught me three chords on guitar and sent me on my way, here I am.”

Elvie Shane Opens Up About His Up-and-Coming Career

In an episode of The Marty Smith Podcast, Marty sat down with Elvie Shane to talk about Shane’s debut album Backslider, his breakout hit “My Boy,” and the path he took to get where he is today. After Smith praised the album, Shane talked about how the album’s journey began.

According to Shane, along with a few other writers, he worked for a few years writing the songs for the album. But after picking the songs for the album, he had a revelation. “If you put this in the right order, it’s kind of like the chronological order of my life. It became kind of a biography piece.”

The singer and father broke the album down into three sections. First, “The Dazed and Confused Years,” which are his wilder days. Then, there are songs from “The Mandy Years,” which take place after he met his wife. Finally, there’s “The Nashville Years.” That collection of songs is about his time in Music City. If you’d like to learn more about the album as well as Smith’s thoughts on it, check out the full podcast.