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2022 ACM Awards Had a Few Technical Issues: Here’s What Happened

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

On Monday, the ACM Awards generated much interest from fans beyond the country music itself. Why? Well, because this was the first legacy awards show to spend so much time on network television only to move to online streaming.

Considering the show has seen rapidly declining ratings and the lack of attention from younger demographics, this doesn’t seem like the worse idea. The fact that viewers have to broadcast different time zones made things a bit more difficult. Not only that, but since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, millennials gravitated towards streaming to pass the time. Streaming gives viewers the opportunity to watch from multiple devices without always having to scramble to find a decent television. Many fans of the ACM Awards found the experiment to be a success. However, the show several others did not have the easiest time getting used to streaming.

To watch the ACMs, fans had to either have an Amazon Prime subscription, or you had to just pay for the show. Although many did sign up for Amazon Prime, others in rural areas found themselves disappointed. Out in the country, broadband internet is either unpredictable, fans can’t access the stream, or their feed was terribly unsteady. In fact, the night of struggles got so frustrating that social media and Amazon’s review forum filled with cranky viewers.

“Loved the show but out in rural America we have limited to no bandwidth so the true country people who watch ACM awards every year probably weren’t able to see it,” one fan said on Amazon. “It’s sad that it was streamed but not broadcasted. We have AT&T and the buffering kept us from watching quite a bit of the show. Please please please next year broadcast this!”

More on ACM Awards Technical Issues

As we states earlier, many viewers of the ACM Awards faced issues with streaming due to inconsistent internet. However, some viewers in more urban areas with more dependable internet access seemed to also have issues. Sadly, the majority of 42% of the reviews on Amazon for the Award show are 1 star. Most of these reviews complained about the quality of the stream.

Several other viewers found it impossible to be able to rewind, fast forward, or record the presentation. This is something most viewers can do through regular broadcasting. Also, only the red carpet was available on replay.

Even though the ACM Awards on Amazon were sold as a technological advance, for many country music fans. Especially the ones who live in rural areas. Reviews written by people in large cities were unaware of the issues facing rural fans. Therefore, they determined the move online was a success due to the lack of commercials and the speed of the show.