Adam Levine and Blake Shelton ‘No Longer Close’ According to Latest Report

by Madison Miller

Have Adam Levine and Blake Shelton kept up their beloved bromance after Levine left “The Voice?”

According to an article from OK! Exclusive, the answer may possibly be no.

However, this is just the magazines’ report and not necessarily public information at this point in time.

The article reports that after Levine left the show in 2019 and was replaced by Shelton’s fiancé, Gwen Stefani, the two didn’t make an effort to connect due to “lingering tensions.”

The insider from the article also notes that the Maroon 5 singer may not even be invited to the couple’s upcoming wedding early next year. There are claims that “Adam saw Blake getting wrapped up in Gwen’s world and felt like the odd man out.”

It is not confirmed that the two do not speak, but rumors of tension during the show’s filming and tension after Levine’s departure have caused some fans to be curious about their relationship status.

“The Voice” now has Blake Shelton (the only original coach left), John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas.

Levine and Shelton 2019 Friendship

In an interview with Access from September 2019, after news had come out that Levine had left the show, Blake spoke highly of his former co-host.

“It sucks not having Adam on the show … He’s been there since the beginning, and it’s hard not to have somebody that stupid to make fun of. Everybody here now, they’re more talented, and he’s not here to kick around,” Shelton said.

This seems reminiscent of the two’s fiery and fun rivalry on “The Voice” that always still ended in their bromance. In 2019, at least, the two were still talking.

“We talk. We never have lost contact … Literally last week, I don’t know what was going on. I know what I was doing – I had been drinking for a few hours, and I don’t know what he was doing, but I was at home in Oklahoma, by myself, and we ended up FaceTiming each other for 45 minutes, just nonsense talk,” Shelton said.

Most recently the two were caught lovingly bickering on social media. Shelton posted a photo of his duet, “Happy Anywhere,” with Gwen Stefani being No.1 on the top of the charts. Closely following was Maroon 5’s “Nobody’s Love.”

According to Country Living, Levine then jokingly posted on his Instagram Story, “Eat s–t cowboy! I’m comin’ for ya!”

To which Stefani responded to “leave my boyfriend alone.”

Levine was quick to say, “I will never leave him alone. He was my boyfriend first.”

Unless that sentiment has changed since July, which it has not publicly, it is impossible to definitively determine the status of their friendship.