Alan Jackson Celebrates Daughter Mattie’s New Book With Photo of the Two

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

Alan Jackson is one proud papa, and that is just as it should be! The country music star recently celebrated a major moment as his daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman’s recently released memoir Lemons on Friday: Trusting God Through My Greatest Heartbreak, hits a major milestone…selling over 20,000 copies since its release in late 2021.

To celebrate the amazing achievement, the Gone Country singer shared the big moment on his Twitter page. Posing with his author daughter, Mattie’s mom (and Jackson’s wife) Denise, and a copy of Mattie’s popular book.

“So proud of our daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman for sharing her story,” Alan Jackson writes in the April 5 Twitter post.

“Congratulations Mattie on 20,000+ copies sold of LEMONS ON FRIDAY!” the country singer continues in the Tuesday afternoon message. “We love you! Mom and Dad”

Alan Jackson Supports His Oldest Daughter As She Works Through A Devastating Tragedy

In 2018, Mattie was happily married to her husband, 28-year-old Ben Selecman. However, life was going to hand young Mattie a tragic loss. The couple was just weeks away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary when Ben slipped and fell, hitting his head on a dock. Ben was seriously injured in the incident, and just 12 days after the fall, Ben succumbed to his injuries. Leaving Mattie devastated as she said was forced to goodbye to the love of her life.

For years, Alan Jackson’s daughter struggled to deal with her devastating loss, trying to make sense of the tragedy. One of the ways the young woman chose to do this was to document her moments…the hardest days full of grief and the personal triumphs along the way…in a personal journal. Eventually, Mattie was able to channel these poignant thoughts and moments into a moving and heartwarming memoir. And, Mattie’s proud parents, Alan and Denise Jackson even penned the forward in the book. Giving fans a glimpse into how much Ben means to the entire Jackson family.

Mattie Jackson Discusses ‘Lemons On Friday’ With Outsider

“It was just this huge physical, spiritual, mental, exhale,” Mattie Jackson Selecman tells Outsider of the memoir.

“It was like, ‘Your identity’s never gonna change, you’re gonna have different roles in your life, they’re gonna come and go,'” she continues of Lemons On Friday.

“But we just can’t hang the crux of our identity on anything besides being a Daughter of the King,” the author adds. “And it just felt like I can have stability in this when everything else feels so unstable.”

Mattie adds that even now, the grief as she misses her husband remains raw. Especially as couples around her are building the very relationship foundation she and Ben had found so easily before he tragically lost his life.

“It was very raw and it’s something that I think God is still healing in my heart even now,” she says.

“And so when I look back on everything in there, it was the toughest to get through personally,” Mattie continues. “It was the toughest to get out on paper. But it’s honestly the chapter I’m most proud of.”