Alan Jackson Celebrates Wife Denise’s Birthday With Series of Throwback Photos

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Today, country music star Alan Jackson is helping his wife, Denise, celebrate her 62nd birthday with a touching post that looked back at some of their favorite outings over the years.

The music icon and his muse have been married since 1979 when Denise was fresh out of high school. They’ve seen their fair share of obstacles, but they’ve managed to reconcile their differences and maintain a strong marriage throughout the years. Needless to say, Jackson was more than happy to celebrate another trip around the sun with his loyal, god-fearing wife.

On Instagram, the 63-year-old country artist posted a series of snapshots with the love of his life. Some photos were on before they stepped onto the red carpet for big events with Denise in a stunning dress and Jackson in a neat suit. Others were sweet shots from their younger years when feathered layers and mullets were all the rage. In each one, they looked as though they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than with each other.

In the caption, Alan Jackson cheerily wished his wife, “Happy Birthday, Denise!”

Alan Jackson Details Effect of Wife’s Diagnosis on Outlook on Life

Infamous affair aside, Alan and Denise Jackson have had an incredibly strong foundation from which they’ve built their marriage. With three grown daughters, the country star has always had a home filled with love and support. In 2010, the Jackson family experienced their most trying times yet. Denise was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

In response to the news, Alan Jackson processed his emotions the only way he knows how. He put pen to paper and picked up his guitar.

“My wife went through a tough time with cancer several years ago, and I wrote a song about that, and it was almost just something to help me as much as her. And I didn’t know if I wanted it to be on the album, but it was,” he shared with Taste of Country. “It wasn’t a single or anything, but I tried to think that it might help other people that are going through something like that.”

Listen to the sweet ballad below.

Now in remission, Denise and her country star husband have a new outlook on life and their time together. That means celebrating the big moments, like birthdays, as well as little moments, like sharing coffee.

“We get up in the morning and drink coffee together and talk, and I can’t go to bed at night if she’s downstairs watching television. We go to bed together, unless I’m out of town,” Alan Jackson told the Boot. “It’s just little things I think that have helped us more than anything. If you can last until you’re 40 years old, hopefully, you’ll be mature enough to figure out the rest of the years.”