Alan Jackson Drops Epic ‘Chattahoochee’ Themed Meme We All Need Framed

by Clayton Edwards

In most places around the country, the weather is warming up. For the rest of us, we know that we’re just weeks away from spring temps. For many people, warm weather means a few things. First, the car windows go down and the radio goes up. There’s nothing like getting where you’re going with the wind in your hair and good tunes pouring out of your speakers. Higher temps also bring the chance to spend some much-needed time on the water. Alan Jackson let his fans know which one of those he has on his mind today.

There are only a handful of songs that will hit the spot when the mercury starts to rise. Alan Jackson’s summertime anthem and ode to small-town life is definitely on the top of that list. “Chattahoochee,” is one of those songs that you can relate to no matter where you’re from or what time of year it is. As a matter of fact, there’s never a bad time to crank that classic tune. Even in the dead of winter, hearing Jackson sing about those muddy waters is bound to put a smile on your face and make you think of better and warmer days.

Alan Jackson shared a meme on Twitter that has us all craving the hot sun, muddy water, and cold beer. The meme features a still from the video for AJ’s iconic summertime classic. Above that, it says, “When the weather starts reminding you of that muddy water.”

Alan Jackson Made a Splash With “Chattahoochee”

“Chattahoochee” isn’t just a fun summertime anthem. It was a huge hit for Alan Jackson. It soared to the top of the charts. Then, it brought Jackson an armload of awards. It won Song of the Year, Song of the Year, and was Billboard‘s country song of the year for 1993. It’s safe to say that AJ was riding high on the success of the song.

However, he never imagined it would be as big as it was. He and co-writer Jim McBride were just trying to write an upbeat song for his album A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ’bout Love). However, the song is a reflection of coming-of-age in a small town. So, people all across the country can relate to it. You don’t even have to know where the Chattahoochee is for the song to put a smile on your face.