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Alan Jackson Recalls His Favorite 4th of July: Watching Fireworks From His Boat in Front of the Statue of Liberty

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Alan Jackson)

For most Americans, the Fourth of July is a day to celebrate with friends and family. While each year comes with new memories, there are some years that stand out from the rest. Just ask country music superstar Alan Jackson.

He shared his favorite Independence Day memory during an interview with UMG Nashville. The story begins in Florida.

“Well, this one is hard to beat,” Alan Jackson started his story. “A couple of years ago, maybe longer than that now, I had an old boat in Florida. It’s like an old antique motor yacht, and it was kind of a cool old boat.”

The singer decided to take the boat away from the Florida waters up the east coast around the Fourth of July.

“I had taken that boat, I’ve always wanted to take it up north like to New York and up in that area, up in the northeast where it’s so pretty,” Alan Jackson recalled. “So, we took the boat up there and Denise and the girls, we all went up.”

Being the country boy he is, the Big Apple isn’t really one of Jackson’s favorite places. However, his wife and daughters enjoy visiting.

“They like going to New York City, which I don’t really care about going to the city,” he shared. “So, I got to stay in my boat there at the harbor tied up, which was cool anyway. So they spent time in the city a few days …”

Alan Jackson Said Watching Fireworks in New York City ‘Was the Coolest Thing’

When the holiday arrived, Alan Jackson and his family found a perfect spot to celebrate and watch fireworks.

“And then that was Fourth of July, and we went out in the Hudson River that night and they shot the fireworks off and we were anchored out in front of the Statue of Liberty and New York City was behind us, and the Statue of Liberty and the fireworks were going off sitting on that boat,” he recalled.

This is an experience Alan Jackson said he and his family will never forget.

“That was the coolest thing and my girls still talk about that,” he shared with his record label. “I mean, that was the coolest thing on Fourth of July I can ever remember. I can’t top that one probably. It was emotional sitting there watching the Statue of Liberty and thinking about all that. It was very cool.”

Jackson is one of the artists who is slated to perform at the 2021 A Capitol Fourth event.

Another Country Music Star Also Shared His Fourth of July Memories

Alan Jackson isn’t the only country music star who has shared his Fourth of July memories. Another is his fellow country music superstar Kenny Chesney. Unsurprisingly, Chesney’s Fourth of July memories also include fireworks. His, however, also includes one of America’s favorite sports.

“You know, I was big into sports, and the summertime in east Tennessee consisted of playin’ baseball, and that’s what I did on the Fourth of July,” Chesney said to Warner Music Nashville. “And they had a big fireworks display after all the games, and I was usually, you know, tryin’ to win the affection of some little girl over at the concession stand. And, you know (laughs), things don’t change very much!”