Alan Jackson Has a Bizarre Physical Talent That Only Adds to the Country Star’s Legend

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Everyone has a hidden talent. Even if you are a country music legend like Alan Jackson, there is likely one trick up your sleeve. While it isn’t as great as his talent for songwriting or singing, it is a rare talent and a physical one.

That’s right, Alan Jackson can wiggle his ears! Now, when fans are in the crowd at his shows, it is probably hard to get a good glimpse at the appendages on the side of his head. However, the country artist does have this ability. He claims he gets it from his father. “Daddy Gene” as Jackson and his siblings lovingly called their father was not a man of many words. But, at least he passed this trait on to his son.

So next time you get caught staring into those blue eyes, you might just get to see his ears wiggle a bit. Truly, as a kid, I was jealous of my family and friends that could wiggle their ears. I was born with two huge ears but no ability to move them. What a shame. As for Jackson, what can’t he do? He gets to be one of the biggest country music stars in the world AND can wiggle his ears. Not fair.

Is there more to the country singer that we don’t know? Perhaps. However, we don’t need to know everything. Get to know Alan Jackson a bit better here with more interesting facts about him.

Alan Jackson King of Throwback Pics

Another thing that Alan Jackson is good at, throwback posts on social media. He has been all over social media almost every week with a new picture to share. Also, he has endless captions. Whether we are heading into the weekend, or it is a special anniversary. Jackson has the content locked and loaded.

His latest post came on Thursday. He shared an absolute classic photo. While it looks like a school picture day background, Jackson looks like the definition of cool. With a pair of cowboy boots and the brightest blue jeans I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure what’s better. The huge belt buckle and trenchcoat take the outfit to another level. But, of course, it is the mustache, mullet, cowboy hat combo that pulls it all together. His green western dress shirt settles in nicely in the middle of the frame.

Alan Jackson keeps things cool at all times. He has for years which is why fans love him. With songs for any occasion, the country music legend keeps delivering every year. Now, with a new album out this year and a tour underway, he seems like he is on a path to reach the top of the genre once again.