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Alan Jackson Opens Up About What Inspired Him to Include ‘Things That Matter’ on New Album

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Alan Jackson’s latest album, “Where Have You Gone,” has not been available for long. If you haven’t had the chance to give it a listen, you definitely should. It’s full of great songs. And one of the most moving is a track titled, “Things That Matter.”

It’s a poignant song about understanding what we should prioritize in life and what we shouldn’t. Jackson’s vocals capture the emotions of the lyrics. It’s a song that will move you.

Here are a few of the lyrics: “We only get so many trips around the sun / Some things matter, some things don’t / It’s up to you to choose which one / So tonight as I close my eyes / I pray Lord help me realize / Something I already know / There’s things that matter / And things that don’t.”

Alan Jackson Said at First He Was ‘Reluctant’ to Include ‘Things That Matter’ on New Album

Famous country music star and respected songwriter Alan Jackson talked about this song in a video that was posted to his Twitter account.

“Producer Keith (Stegall) and Michael White wrote that,” Jackson said. “He sent it to me and I thought it was a beautiful song.”

While he thought it was “a beautiful song,” Jackson also said he didn’t jump at the chance to record it at first because it wasn’t his usual style. However, people advised him to give it a chance – and he listened.

“I was a little reluctant of it because it’s not as hard country as some of my other stuff. …” Alan Jackson explained. “(My wife) Denise (Jackson) and some other people really encouraged me to record it.”

The country music star also said he is happy the song is part of the tracklist of “Where Have You Gone.”

“And now that I did I’m glad,” Jackson said. “I think it’s really pretty on the album. It takes it to a different place.”

Jackson Said Song Made Him Reflect on His Role as a Father

The song hit close to home for the singer. Particularly the lyric: “A little girl puts on her skates /
Sits down on the porch and waits / And hopes her daddy won’t be long.”

“I’ve got three daughters and, you know, as a parent you think about spending time with them,” Alan Jackson said. “And in the early days I was gone a lot, you know. First two or three years I missed a lot of things. But, as you grow older you supposedly get wiser and learn things. So I believe that lyric.”

“Things That Matter” is also just one of several tracks included on Alan Jackson’s “Where Have You Gone” album. A few of the other tracks include the title track, “Wishful Drinking,” “You’ll Always Be My Baby (Written For Daughters’ Weddings),” “This Heart Of Mine,” “I Was Tequila,” as well as “The Older I Get.”