Alan Jackson Releases ‘Way Down In My Whiskey’ Lyric Video That Leaves You Feeling Thirsty for Some Amber Liquid

by Halle Ames

We are feeling really thirsty all of a sudden. Maybe we should blame Alan Jackson, who just released his “Way Down In My Whiskey” lyric video.

Alan Jackson proves that just because he is 62-years-old doesn’t mean he has to slow down his career. Or his drinking habits, for that matter. 

Alan Jackson’s New Album

After semi-retiring for the past six years, Alan Jackson’s brand new album Where Have You Gone is just as iconic as his past tracks. 

“I can relax and just make music when I want to and like I want to because I know I still have a lot of fans out there that want to hear what I like to do,” Jackson told Billboard. 

So, just how good is Alan Jackson’s new album? Well, Jackson seems to think it’s pretty awesome. And we’re not arguing! Upon hearing its early roughs, the country artist was overcome with emotion and moved to tears. 

“It was just me singing with the players,” Jackson admits. “I was driving in my truck down River Road. Man, I about teared up. I thought I’d have to pull the truck over. I was just so proud, and it just felt so good to hear the guys playing on there and just killing it.”

‘Way Down In My Whiskey’

The fifth track on the 21-songs album belongs to one that may have you fishing through the liquor cabinet to wash away your sorrows.

The “Way Down In My Whiskey” lyric video debuted today and it begins with an elegantly decorated glass and four rocks in his drink- a good start. And while that’s a little too much ice for our liking, the whiskey goes in smooth and glides over the cubes like caramel.  

Is your mouth feeling as dry as ours? Sheesh! 

Country artist Alan Jackson speaks to anyone who has washed away a heartbreak with a few too many drinks. Almost always, the memory of your significant other, of course, comes creeping in to haunt you. The beautifully somber song is accompanied by a good bit of fiddle and steel guitar. 

While it’s not exactly the perfect song for a party or pool day, “Way Down In My Whiskey” is excellent for a chill night at home.

“It’s a little harder country than even I’ve done in the past,” Alan Jackson said in a statement. “Real country songs are life and love and heartache, drinking and Mama and having a good time…but it’s the sounds of the instruments, too. The steel and acoustic guitar, the fiddle – those things have a sound and a tone…and getting that right, the way those things make you feel, that’s country, too.”

Heck, the more I listen to the album, the more I feel inclined to dust off my cowboy hat and boots. But I’m here for it! Feel free to keep making albums just like this, Alan Jackson!