Alan Jackson Remembers Touching Inspiration Behind Song ‘The Older I Get’ on New Album

by Katie Maloney

Decades after his debut in 1987, country music superstar Alan Jackson is still releasing new music. In fact, he released his first album of all-new music in half a decade earlier this year. Where Have You Gone marks Alan Jackson’s 16th studio album. However, it’s technically his 25th if you count his two Christmas albums, two gospel albums, three Greatest Hits collections, his bluegrass album, and his one boxed set. The album features 21 songs, 15 of which are written by Jackson. But it’s the album’s final track we’re talking about today. The track is titled, “The Older I Get.” Jackson specifically chose the song to conclude the album. The song is about everything he’s learned over the course of his life, specifically what is and isn’t important.

During the song, Jackson sings, “And if they found a fountain of youth, I wouldn’t drink a drop and that’s the truth. Funny how it feels I’m just getting to my best years yet…And the older I get, the truer it is. It’s the people you love, not the money and stuff that makes you rich.”

But Jackson isn’t going to just drop a song like that without also providing a little background story. Jackson recently shared a video clip during which he shared the story behind “The Older I Get”. Along with the video clip, Jackson wrote, “The Older I Get” is where the album #WhereHaveYouGone started.”

What’s The Story Behind Alan Jackson’s ‘The Older I Get’?

As a little treat for fans, during the video clip, Alan Jackson explained how the song came to be and why he chose to close his album with it.

“Love that song,” said Jackson. “Great song, well written. And I cut it several years ago when we were starting the new album. It was that and it was my mama’s song for her funeral when she died. We actually went in to cut her song and when we did, we cut a couple of extra tracks. I think we had to redo them but that’s where that started.”

One of those extra tracks included “The Older I Get.”

“But that was one of them. They ended up releasing that out to the public then. So, it’s been heard quite a bit but it never ended up on an album because there wasn’t one,” said Jackson with a laugh. “So, it just felt natural to put it on there and I just love that song.”

Alan Jackson added that his loyal fans have responded positively to the song.

“And I’ve gotten a great reaction from the fans with it,” said Jackson. “And it just felt like the perfect song to end the album with to me.”