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Alan Jackson Reveals Major Dollar Amount Raised at His Tornado Benefit Concert

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Capital Concerts)

A tornado ripped through Alan Jackson’s hometown of Newnan, Georgia earlier this year. After the wind died down and the skies cleared, a large portion of the city laid in ruin. All told, the twister caused millions of dollars in damage. However, that doesn’t even begin to account for the heartache and loss caused by the massive storm. So, Jackson decided he had to do something to help the town where he spent his formative years. He wanted to give back to his community and he did so in the best way he could think to do it. He put on a benefit concert and donated the proceeds to a charity aimed at rebuilding the city and helping its residents.

Alan Jackson’s Where I Come From benefit concert took place last Saturday. It was not a little bitty affair. Today, Jackson’s official Twitter account posted a short clip showing Alan on stage as well as the official tally of money raised for the charity. Check out the video below.

Everything about the tweet is heartwarming. First, you can see the absolutely massive crowd that turned out to see Alan Jackson and his crew perform. Each of those people helped to bring the small town of Newnan, Georgia back from the destruction that Mother Nature dropped on it.

However, it is the caption of the post that will fill your heart with joy. According to the tweet, Alan Jackson’s benefit concert raised over $2 million for the people of Newnan. That, friends, is what happens when a community pulls together for a common goal.

More about Alan Jackson’s Benefit Show

The city of Newnan and its residents still have a hard row to hoe. So, if you want to throw a little money their way, donations are still open. On the other hand, if you want to see Alan Jackson’s performance from that night you can do that too. They’re both in the same place. Just follow this link over to his Facebook page. You’ll land on a post that will let you watch the video as well as tell you how to donate.

If you would just like to donate to Alan Jackson’s hometown, you can do that too. Just head over to Coweta Community Foundation’s website. Once there, you can make a donation of any amount you want.

From the looks of it, Alan Jackson couldn’t have picked a better group to partner with for his benefit show. The Coweta Community Foundation is heading up charitable donations for Newnan. They are distributing the money to where it is most needed. For instance, some residents are still homeless. So, the CCF is helping them stay in warm beds until they can get their lives back together. At the same time, they are helping residents put hot food in their stomachs. You can be a part of that effort by donating.