Alan Jackson Says He and Wife Denise Live Out One of His Favorite Lyrics in Touching New Clip

by Clayton Edwards

The beauty of Alan Jackson’s music is its simple authenticity. We hear his name and think of an award-winning, chart-topping, country music icon. However, AJ is still just a good ol’ boy from Georgia at the end of the day. Most of the time, when he writes songs, he writes from his heart and is informed by his experiences. In fact, most of his best songs are autobiographical. Heck, he wrote his first number-one single to celebrate ten years of marriage with his wife Denise.

“I’d Love You All Over Again,” was just the first of those songs to hit the top of the charts. However, there are several in his catalog that feels like pages out of an autobiography. Songs like “Chattahoochee,” “Drive (For Daddy Gene),” and “Livin’ On Love,” are just a few stories from Alan Jackson’s life that are now fan-favorites.

One of his latest songs, “I Was Tequila,” was at least partially inspired by Alan Jackson’s life. Check it out below. Then, we’ll talk more about how he and his wife lived out the lyrics.

The song’s premise is simple and relatable. It’s about a guy who was a little wild and rough around the edges who falls in love with a woman who is much classier than him. In the chorus, he sings, “I was tequila / She was champagne,” to really drive the point home. She ends up leaving him in the end. Alan and Denise are still together after all these years. But, he says the song still fits them perfectly in one respect.

Alan Jackson on ‘I Was Tequila’

Recently, Alan Jackson tweeted a video in which he talks about “I Was Tequila,” and how he and Denise lived out the lyrics.

Alan Jackson said that “I Was Tequila,” is the same old story of a redneck man and a classy lady falling in love. However, he loves the song.

About how it fits him and Denise, Alan Jackson said, “Denise and I both kind of came from the same background. But, she’s kind of outgrown me a little bit. She’s moved more towards champagne and I’m still stuck [on] tequila.”

Alan Jackson said he doesn’t listen to his own music very often. However, he knew that he would have to talk about the songs from Where Have You Gone, so he sat down with Denise and gave the record a spin.

“We were sitting out on the back porch and having a little cocktail and this song came on… After it played I held up my cup and I was drinking tequila. She was drinking champagne,” Jackson said before laughing.

Watch the video below to hear Alan Jackson talk about “I Was Tequila.”