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Alan Jackson Says it Was ‘Hard’ Singing at His Own Wedding

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Merritt/ACMA2018/Getty Images for ACM)

Imagine how amazing it would be to have a country superstar sing at your wedding. Picture it. You finish your vows, exchange your rings, then as you seal your commitment with that big public kiss, the band kicks in. Artist and song choice is up to you. After all, this is your fantasy country wedding. However, Alan Jackson recently told Bobby Bones that he actually sang at his own wedding.

The topic of singing at weddings came up when Bones asked Alan Jackson about the song “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” which he wrote for his daughters’ weddings. He told Bones that he wrote the song for the father-daughter dance at his eldest girl’s wedding. Then, told his other daughters that he couldn’t write a song for each of them. So, they would all have to use “You’ll Always Be My Baby.” Then, Bones asked if Jackson had ever played weddings in the early days to make a little extra money.

Alan Jackson said that they didn’t do it often. However, he and his band did play a couple of weddings way back when. They were, he recalled, for his wife’s friends. Jackson went on to say that he and his band played one wedding after his move to Nashville. They went down to Atlanta and played a backyard reception. AJ said that he and his steel guitar player still laugh about that gig today.

Then, almost as an afterthought, Alan Jackson added, “I sang at my own wedding.”

Alan Jackson Sang to His Wife at Their Wedding

At the time, Alan Jackson wasn’t the big country star that he is today. In fact, he was what he called a “weekend warrior.” He and his band played on weekends around Georgia. Keep in mind that he and his wife Denise were high school sweethearts. They got married in 1979. He didn’t have his first hit song until the 1990’s Here in the Real World which peaked at #3 on the country singles chart.

When they got married, Alan Jackson was just a young man who was deeply in love with a woman. He just happened to have a great voice. So, he used it. He told Bones. “We said our vows, and before you do the ring thing, I sang this wedding song. Pat Terry, who was a Christian writer around Atlanta, wrote it. It’s a real pretty song. I stood there and sang it to her in the church in front of everybody. That was hard.”

Bobby Bones added that he could see why it was so hard to do. He said that it must have been an emotional moment. However, Alan Jackson said that he was more “nervous and scared” about singing in front of his wedding party than he was emotional at the time.

What Song Did AJ Sing at His Wedding?

That song was “That’s the Way,” by The Pat Terry Group. It’s a wedding song and was released just four years before Alan and Denise Jackson tied the knot. Jackson added the song to his 2017 compilation album Precious Memories Collection which features both of his Precious Memories albums as well as two unreleased songs. “That’s the Way,” is one of those songs. Check it out below.