Alan Jackson Shares ‘Precious Memory’ With Sweet Throwback Image of Wedding Day

by Amy Myers

Alan Jackson is encouraging his fans to share some of their favorite “precious memories” in celebration of his gospel album.

Earlier this week, on Instagram, the country icon shared his own special moment with a photo from his wedding day with his young bride, Denise, as they cut their wedding cake. The memory is a part of a campaign that gives his fans a chance to win a prize if they enter their own photo into the competition. On Alan Jackson’s website, listeners can enter the contest to win two CDs, a record album, a framed photo and an exclusive DVD, all featuring his Christian gospel album, Precious Memories, which dropped in 2006.

“Join Alan in sharing #PreciousMemories throughout the month of April using #AlansPreciousMemories! You can create your own polaroid at (link in bio). We might even re-share a few!” the country star encouraged in the caption.

Originally, Alan Jackson wrote and recorded the album as an ode to his mother who always wanted her son to create a gospel album. So, the country star came out with Precious Memories for his doting and supportive mother alone, never thinking anyone else would take interest. Little did he know that he would sell 1.7 million albums. Eventually, the CD went out of circulation, until now.

Alan Jackson Celebrates the Smaller Precious Moments with His Wife

Alan Jackson’s latest photo isn’t the only instance of the country star celebrating some precious moments in his life. Earlier this week, Jackson posted a few photos with his wife in honor of her birthday.

Since Denise, herself, battled and beat cancer, Jackson has made sure to pay special attention to those smaller, precious moments in life.

“We get up in the morning and drink coffee together and talk, and I can’t go to bed at night if she’s downstairs watching television. We go to bed together, unless I’m out of town,” Alan Jackson told the Boot. “It’s just little things I think that have helped us more than anything. If you can last until you’re 40 years old, hopefully, you’ll be mature enough to figure out the rest of the years.”

Just as for his mother, Jackson created a song for his wife. The purpose wasn’t to sell millions or get on the Top Ten chart. Rather, he just wanted to honor her strength and message.

“My wife went through a tough time with cancer several years ago, and I wrote a song about that, and it was almost just something to help me as much as her. And I didn’t know if I wanted it to be on the album, but it was,” he shared with Taste of Country. “It wasn’t a single or anything, but I tried to think that it might help other people that are going through something like that.”