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Alan Jackson Singing with His Daughter Will Make You Teary-Eyed

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

 Fans of Alan Jackson know that when he writes songs, he does it from his heart. In fact, he pulled many of his lyrics straight from his own life. For instance, he penned “I’d Love You All Over Again,” for his wife. Denise, on their tenth anniversary. Their marriage inspired other tracks like “Livin’ on Love,” as well. That was a while back, though. Now he has children to influence his pen. Jackson penned a song for his daughters’ weddings and included it on his recent release, Where Have You Gone. “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” is a touching song, to be sure. However, he performed it with his daughter Ali Jackson-Bradshaw and took it to a whole new level.

The tear-jerking performance took place at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on October 8th. It was Alan Jackson’s first full concert in Nashville in four years, according to Tennessean. The father-daughter duo made sure that it was a night that everyone in attendance would remember. Get out your tissues and check out the video of the touching duet below.

If there was ever any doubt about how proud Alan Jackson is of his kids, this should clear it up. He and Ali trade vocals as he directs her and the band through the song. Behind them, a slideshow of family photos plays. If you’d like a closer look at those photos, check out the official lyric video for “You’ll Always Be My Baby.”

The most touching part, though, is when Alan Jackson calls for the guitarist to play a solo. During the musical break, Jackson motions to Ali and says, “Man, she’s sounding good up here, y’all.” The crowd answers with cheers. Hearing Ali’s voice lets everyone know that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Alan Jackson’s Song for His Daughters’ Weddings

“You’ll Always Be My Baby (Written for Daughters’ Weddings),” is pretty much the perfect wedding song. Alan Jackson penned it from his experiences as a father. However, just about any dad who has a daughter can relate to the lyrics. There’s a good chance that it is the soundtrack to many father-daughter dances at weddings. It’s the kind of song that families make memories to.

However, Alan Jackson wasn’t going to put it on the record. He wrote it and “I Do,” as wedding songs, and that’s about it. Then, his wife and daughters urged him to include the songs on his latest album. He relented but planned to add them as bonus tracks for the deluxe edition of the record. His label and, more importantly, Denise disagreed with that plan. They knew that Jackson’s fans would love the songs. They deserved to be on the regular pressing of Where Have You Gone.

Fortunately, AJ agreed. He released “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” as the first single from the album earlier this year.