Alan Jackson Speaks Out About the Tragic Passing of His Son-in-Law

by Halle Ames

Country legend Alan Jackson finally opens up about the unfortunate passing of his son-in-law.

Back in 2018, Ben Selecman, the husband of Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter, Mattie, tragically died. Upon helping a woman onto a boat in West Palm Beach, Florida, he slipped and fell on his head. The devastating blow was enough to kill him. Selecman was only 28 at the time.

Jackson, who was investing most of his time into the creation of his new album, had to take a step back and grieve the loss of his son-in-law.

According to an interview between Jackson and Hits Daily Double, the country artist admits to being in a dark place.

“When he died, I was kind of pissed off at the world. I just wasn’t feeling right about anything,” he shares.

Alan Jackson is a man that has constantly been surrounded by women. After growing up with four sisters in Newnan, Georgia, he married his high school sweetheart, Denise. Together, the couple had three daughters, including 30-year-old Mattie, 27-year-old Ali, and 23-year-old Dani.

In 2017, Mattie Jackson married assistant district attorney Ben Selecman. After his death a year later, Alan Jackson reveals that he took the passing extremely hard.

“It’s all I was ever around- girls and women,” notes Alan Jackson. “So having a son-in-law was having a boy I could fish with, work on cars and stuff with. It was tough losing him so suddenly — so jarring to all of us. I lost something I’d never had before.”

Alan Jackson’s Daughter Details The Accident

On Mattie’s podcast, “Jesus Calling,” she details what happened to her husband. The oldest Jasckon explains that a rain shower had left the boat a bit slippery, and when Ben attempted to help the women on board he slipped “and fell back ten or so feet and hit his head.”

“He was conscious for about twenty-four hours,” Mattie said. “Which in retrospect was such a kindness from the Lord because I got to sit with him. He got to talk to me,” Mattie shared. “I mean, it was not full sentences, but we could converse. And he knew who I was. And, you know, all the little things, like holding your hand the same way, and he popped my fingers and got to tell me that he loved me, and I obviously told him I loved him, too, and everything’s going to be fine.”

Ben Selecman spent 12 days in the hospital and underwent numerous brain surgeries, but unfortunately, he passed, leaving the Jackson family and others to grieve his life.

Alan Jackson touches on the somber subject in his new album Where Have You Gone.