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Alan Jackson Tells Hysterical Story About How ‘Crazy’ Merle Haggard Was

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Lately, Alan Jackson has been doing some interviews to promote his new album. Where Have You Gone dropped earlier this month. This means that he’s sharing some insights into the album and the creative process behind it. More importantly, it means that he’s going to share more stories with the world.

Alan Jackson has had an interesting life and a stellar career. For instance, he wrote his first chart-topping single as a tribute to his wife of ten years. That was back in 1991. AJ sang at his own wedding. He has been all around the world. So, it’s safe to say he has plenty of stories to tell.

A few days ago, Alan Jackson sat down with the Nashville-based Tennesseean to talk about his record as well as his career and love for country music. At one point, he shared a story about touring with Merle Haggard.

Years ago, when Alan Jackson was at his peak and Merle was still alive, they got to know each other on the road. Haggard and Jackson did a run of shows together. In fact, Haggard was the supporting act on the tour. About that, Jackson said, “It felt weird going on after Merle. It was such a treat having him out there.”

Alan Jackson, like many country music fans, grew up on Hag’s music. So, it must have been surreal to have a legend opening for him. However, Jackson is a superstar as well. At the time, he was definitely the bigger draw. If you need further evidence of his star power at the time -as if having Merle Haggard as an opening act wasn’t enough – Jackson had caterers backstage making some of his favorite foods. This helped him feel more at home while he was on the road. That backstage catering is where the story really begins.

Alan Jackson’s Favorite Merle Haggard Story

Alan Jackson had the caterers make several of his favorite family recipes. At the top of that list was his mother’s lemon icebox pie. They’re a southern favorite. So, it’s no surprise the Georgia native had one on hand while he was on the road. “It was one of my favorites,” AJ told the publication, “but not everybody likes it.”

One night, Alan Jackson said he went backstage and Merle Haggard was already there. Someone asked, “Merle, how’s the food today?”

The Outlaw legend, never one to mince words, said, “It’s pretty good, but don’t eat that god **** yella pie!”

Looking back, Alan Jackson still gets a laugh out of Merle’s warning against the “yella pie.” He went on to say that he never told Haggard it was his mother’s recipe. He finished the story by saying, “He was just that way, he was crazy. He was funny.”