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Alan Jackson’s Daughter Opens Up About Tragic Loss of Husband in New Memoir

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for AMC)

After experiencing the devastating loss of her husband, Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter Mattie is ready to reflect on her grieving process in a new memoir.

Mattie Jackson married Ben Selecman in 2017. They were only married for 11 months before a horrible accident in West Palm Beach, Florida, killed Selecman. He was helping a woman into a boat when he slipped and hit his head. Mattie’s husband died from his injuries with 24 hours, at only 28 years old.

Now, three years later, Taste of Country reports that Alan Jackson’s daughter decided to channel her grief into writing. Her new memoir, called “Lemons on Friday,” will publish on Nov. 16, though it’s available for preorder now.

According to the outlet, Mattie talks about the ways she dealt with her pain in the initial weeks following Selecman’s death. She talks about the darkness that consumed her and the people who helped pull her out of it. She also brings up her faith multiple times, weaving it through the memoir as she contemplates questions like, “Where is God?”

Reportedly, Mattie hopes her new memoir will help others who have struggled and suffered as she has.

Alan Jackson and his wife Denis wrote the foreword for “Lemons on Fridays.” The country singer also co-wrote a new song, “Racing in the Dark,” with his oldest daughter. The track will be available to a select number of people who preorder Mattie’s new book.

Alan Jackson’s Daughter Mattie Speaks Out on Her New Memoir

Earlier today, Alan Jackson’s daughter Mattie shared the news about her memoir on Instagram. In the caption for the post, she also shared her thoughts on becoming an author and the circumstances that led her to this moment.

“It’s official – I am now a published author!! Honestly, I can hardly believe those words are true, but in the way only He can, the Lord has taken the absolute worst heartbreak of my life and used it to make a lifelong dream come true,” Mattie wrote.

“I’ve hoped since I was a teenager that this day would come. And though I never imagined it would be as a result of losing the love of my life, I know no one (besides maybe Jesus and my sweet parents) is more excited and proud for this book than Ben is,” Alan Jackson’s daughter said.

“I have truly found hope unlike anything I could have ever dreamed of, and it is a privilege to get to share that hope with the world in one more small way. Life in this broken world is full of lemons on Friday for all of us. But with Christ, sweeter days are ahead. Sunday is coming.”

She also included info about preordering and what goodies readers can get for grabbing their copies now.