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Alan Jackson’s ‘Home Improvement’ Scene Just Never Gets Old

by Kati Michelle
(Photo By Tammie Arroyo/Getty Images)

Timeless. That’s an apt descriptor when it comes to Alan Jackson’s influence in the world of country music. The legend has bagged more than one Grammy, Billboard Music Award, American Music Award… you get the point. While he finds his forte with music, he’s also branched out on occasion to the world of acting.

Longtime fans might remember his appearance on the long-running “Home Improvement” sitcom alongside Tim Allen. Jackson recently shared a scene from that episode to his Twitter account, proving his work just never gets old. Catch it below.

A Quick Recap of the Episode

If you never caught the full episode or just need a quick recap, here’s how it went down. Tim Allen’s character, Tim Taylor, often brought on surprise guests to his “Tool Time” show. In this episode, Tim’s funnyman character accidentally introduces the Mercury car as the show’s guest. His partner corrects him, saying their guest is actually the car’s owner and the titleholder of CMA Entertainer of the Year. Of course, that’s Alan Jackson. He takes the stage and rocks it like he continues to do today.

You can catch Jackson’s tweet right here:

In the bit, Tim Allen stays true to his clumsy character and seems to break off a piece of the classic car’s interior. Car buffs understand how valuable the Mercury is and the massive “party foul” Allen’s character committed. One fan (@JillHiott) wrote the following in reply to Jackson’s tweet:

“Oh yeah! Loved the show and Mercury Blues. I had a 1969 Mercury Monterey in the 80s. It had a 390 4 barrel in it and that sucker would fly! I turned it out on I-20 and it had 120 on the speedometer and the needle was buried in the dash! Man, I loved that car! Yay Hee!”

Alan Jackson Gifts Zac Brown a Cadillac

“Home Improvement” star Tim Allen has racked up a pretty impressive car collection over the years. His garage is teeming with rare, working models that he used to build miniature models of. You can catch his garage tour here.

Well, Alan Jackson shares that expensive hobby, too. There was even a time he surprised his pal Zac Brown with a vintage white convertible 1966 Cadillac El Dorado. Zac walks up to shake Alan’s hand and Alan points over to the car saying “I brought this car I wanted to show you.” A moment later he says “Well, it’s yours now.”

Zac can’t believe what he just heard and stares at Alan for a minute before letting out a “No way!” Alan Jackson then reassures, “Yeah, that’s yours.” The two walk over to admire the car’s shining interior and exterior.

Check it out here: