‘American Idol’ Judges Share Update on Luke Bryan’s Health After Positive Test

by Clayton Edwards

The first live episode of American Idol‘s nineteenth season aired on Monday. However, one host was noticeably missing. Luke Bryan tested positive for COVID-19 and was unable to attend the show. Luckily, they were able to fill his spot with Idol alum Paula Abdul.

Luke Bryan‘s fellow American Idol hosts Lionel Richie and Katy Perry opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the country star’s health and what it was like to work with Abdul as a replacement.

First off, Richie and Perry said that their American Idol co-star was there in more than just spirit. In fact, he was “blowing up” their phones throughout the live taping of the show. Quarantine after his positive test kept Luke Bryan off the set. However, he still had his eyes glued to the happenings. He wasn’t going to let the show go on without chiming in, either.

It seems like Luke Bryan was pretty passionate about what was happening on American Idol. According to his co-hosts, they couldn’t repeat most of what he had to say about the taping. They didn’t elaborate on why. However, we can imagine that the country star took full advantage of not having to watch his language for the show.

They also said that their American Idol co-star was doing fine. Luke Bryan is one of the lucky ones. He is only experiencing mild symptoms. In fact, they say there is a good chance that he will be back in the saddle when it’s time to tape next week’s episode of the show. On Bryan’s health, Katy Perry said, “He’s totally good.”

Paula Abdul Returns to American Idol

Luke Bryan left a noticeable hole on the American Idol dais. However, showrunners were able to find a temporary replacement fairly quickly. Soon after the announcement of Bryan’s positive COVID test, they announced that Paula Abdul would return to fill in for him.

Abdul was one of the original American Idol judges. So, she told Entertainment Tonight that being back on the judge’s panel felt “nostalgic” for her. She added that she had a great time and noted how different the current lineup is from the one she was part of. Abdul jokingly said that she didn’t even need to attend a therapy session to prepare to join Richie and Perry.

However, Abdul did have one concern about returning to American Idol. She was set to get her second round of the COVID vaccine. So, she was worried that she would have a reaction to the shot and it would affect her performance on the show. Luckily, she was able to change her appointment date to Saturday. So, she woke up Monday morning ready to take on the world and the American Idol dais.

Showrunners will announce whether or not Luke Bryan will return for next week’s taping of the show before it airs. If he is unable to make it, Abdul will fill in for him once again.