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‘American Idol’: Luke Bryan’s Wife Speaks Out Regarding Reports of Physical Fight Between Her Husband and a Contestant

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Eric McCandless via Getty Images)

Have you heard the latest from the internet rumor mill? It’s getting deep out there pretty fast. It all started when Luke Bryan missed the first American Idol live show of the season. Later that night, viewers learned that Wyatt Pike left the show.

We all know why Luke Bryan was absent from the American Idol episode. He tested positive for COVID. That’s the same reason that he didn’t attend the ACM Awards. On the other hand, Wyatt Pike’s departure is still a mystery. He cited “personal reasons” for leaving the show. However, he hasn’t given any details.

One internet sleuth on Tik Tok has it all figured out, though. The Sherlock of the modern age said that there was no COVID diagnosis for the American Idol judge. Furthermore, Pike didn’t just leave the show. No. He was booted off. This expulsion stemmed from the two musicians getting into a physical fight. The rumor also said that Bryan skipped Idol and the ACM Awards because he was hiding a shiner.

Luke Bryan’s Wife Speaks Out

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Boyer, spoke out about the ridiculous rumor on social media. She told her followers that the American Idol judge was, indeed, unwell. However, she wished it was something as simple as a fight and a black eye instead of COVID. According to Us Weekly, Boyer has been taking care of their five kids by herself and cleaning constantly. On social media, she said, “I kinda wish there was a fight. I’m sick of taking care of kids alone and sanitizing. I’m peeing Lysol!!!”

Why the American Idol Rumor Doesn’t Hold Water

If you need any more proof that the rumor is pure fertilizer, just take a moment to consider who we’re talking about. At one time, country stars were a rough and rowdy bunch. Some still are. It would be easy to see someone like Hank Jr. or even Miranda Lambert throwing hands. Luke Bryan, on the other hand, not so much. The American Idol judge just doesn’t seem like a scrapper.

On top of that, he and Pike were on great terms. During the contestant’s final episode of the show, he and Bryan shared a touching moment. The judge told him “I remember one of the coolest things ever happened to me is the day I realized that I get to do music forever, under any circumstance. I’m telling you, Wyatt, you are going to be able to do music for the rest of your life.” Those don’t sound like fighting words.

Currently, Luke Bryan is back in action on American Idol. Wyatt Pike, on the other hand, is working on new music. Check out the video for his original song “Friday Nights” below.