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Amy Grant Admits She Still Can’t Remember All Her Lyrics Months After Her July Head Injury

by Taylor Cunningham
Amy Grant
(Photo by R. Diamond/Getty Images for 30A)

Amy Grant is back to work and feeling well following her horrific Nashville bike crash earlier this year that left her with several injuries, including a concussion. But she’s still suffering from memory issues that make recalling lyrics difficult during her live performances.

The Baby, Baby singer shared details about her recovery with E! News during the Live at the Music Center: Concert Celebrating Jerry Moss in LA on Jan. 14.

“My memory is still coming back, and the stamina, they say [takes] 12-18 months after an injury like that,” she explained.

Grant fell from her bike after hitting a pothole on July 27, 2022. She spent nearly a week in the hospital and canceled months’ worth of concerts and appearances while she healed at home with her husband, Vince Gill.

“[I’m] Six months in, so I feel really good! I anticipate just getting better,” she shared. But she noted that he has to rely on a teleprompter to get through performances because she can’t always recall her lyrics.

“There’s one tonight,” she added. “I’m so glad. I used a teleprompter on the Christmas Tour.” 

It Could Take Up to 18 Months For Amy Grant to Fully Recover From Her Concussion

Amy Grant’s memory has come a long way over the months. When she was first injured, she couldn’t remember some of her friends’ and family members’ names. And she still can’t recall anything from the day of the incident or her time in the hospital. She credits her progress to limited screen time and journaling.

In the beginning, Grant was discouraged by her problems. But Gill helped her navigate her emotions and stuck by her side. But now, she has a newfound sense of optimism and she’s learned to give herself grace and she moves forward.

And that grace has come in handy recently as she’s getting out of the house and reconnecting with friends. The six-time Grammy winner told PEOPLE that she’ll hear something she “used to know” and “gasp” over the forgotten news.

“Honestly, I can’t remember what I don’t remember,” she admitted to E! News. “So, I was at dinner the other night with a high school friend. We used to spend the night at each other’s houses. I said, ‘I’m embarrassed to ask you, are you and your husband still together?’ She said that Douglas died seven years ago, and it was like I had just heard it for the first time!”