Amy Grant Speaks Out Following Open Heart Surgery for Rare Condition

by Keeli Parkey

Amy Grant is spreading awareness of heart disease and encouraging other women to get routine health checkups in order to protect their health.

The popular singer learned about the importance of checkups and preventative healthcare last year when it was discovered that she had a rare heart condition. According to an article by, Grant originally received her diagnosis of PAPVR in February 2020. Her condition was found during a regular checkup.

Citing information from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the article states that PAPVR is shorthand for partial anomalous pulmonary venous return. This takes place in the heart and is a birth defect where some veins that return blood from the lungs do not meet the left atrium as they should. Where they do connect to the heart is often abnormal, according to the article.

A few months after she was diagnosed with PAPVR in February 2020, Amy Grant went to the hospital for open heart surgery in June 2020. The purpose of the surgery was to correct the PAPVR birth defect. Since she was diagnosed with PAPVR and during her recovery since her surgery, the singer has willingly shared details of her experience. She is even encouraging others to keep regularly get health checkups.

On Wednesday (Feb. 10), Amy Grant appeared on “Good Morning America” on ABC to talk about her experiences with heart disease. She also performed for the first time since her surgery, according to the article.

Amy Grant Says She Feels ‘Fantastic’ After Recovering from Heart Surgery

During the interview with Robin Roberts, Grant said she has been feeling “fantastic.”

She also said: “I just have this feeling like this is going to be the best year yet. I love it.”

Grant and Roberts also discussed heart disease and women’s health.

“… February is American Heart Month and that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer among all Americans,” Roberts said. “And, one in three women will have an issue with this, such as yourself. So, I know you want to spread awareness, especially for women. So, what is it you want to share?”

“I guess all I can really share is from my own story. And, my birth defect was an encroaching killer, and I had no idea,” Grant said in response to Roberts’ question. “And so my advice would be – Take care of yourself. The world needs you. Even if you feel like everything is fine, you don’t really know what’s going on the inside. I think women tend to put their health on the backburner.”

Amy Grant went on to encourage women to take their health seriously. She also encouraged them not to get caught up in being caretakers to their family members or getting too caught up in work.

“… We need the gift of each other,” she also said. “So even if you go, ‘Oh, I’ve got nothing on the radar,’ just get somebody else to check it out.”

Roberts went on to point out that it has been 30 years since Amy Grant released her album “Heart in Motion.” Appropriately, Grant sang “Every Heartbeat” on the Feb. 10 episode of “Good Morning America.”

You can watch Amy Grant on “Good Morning America” on Feb. 10 below.